#InsideAT – Unser neuer DevOps Engineer Muhammad Hadeeq

von | 8. Dezember 2022 | #InsideAT

In unserer #InsideAT Serie stellen wir regelmäßig neue Mitarbeiter vor. Heute ist Muhammad Hadeeq an der Reihe. Er startet bei uns als DevOps Engineer – im Interview erzählt er uns, was ihn dazu getrieben hat, welchen Background er hat und wie er sein Leben neben der Arbeit am liebsten verbringt.

Welche Position übernimmst du bei [at]?

I am starting as DevOps engineer at [at].

Wie bist du auf [at] aufmerksam geworden?

My friend from the University of Passau told me about [at].

Wieso hast du dich für [at] entschieden?

I have an IT operations and development background with huge interest in deployment of projects. I got to know about the DevOps position at [at], which suits my background and furthermore, I read about the company’s working environment, training programs and vision of the company to finally decide working at [at].

Worauf freust du dich am meisten?

I am looking forward to work on different deployment projects using updated technologies, understanding more technical topics, monitoring the applications to ensure its running properly and getting to know new colleagues.

Was hast du vorher gemacht?

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and recently my master’s degree in Computer Science with a focus area of information and communication module at the University of Passau. I have professional experience in development and IT infrastructure in different industries. 🤖

Wo bist du geboren und aufgewachsen?

I was born and raised in Pakistan.

Was machst du in deiner Freizeit?

I am also interested in script writing, storytelling, content creation, short documentaries and volunteering in different projects. In my free time, I often spend my time doing a mixture of such activities. 🤗

Was war dein bisher liebstes Reiseziel und wohin möchtest du auf jeden Fall noch reisen?

My favorite destination so far is Zurich, Switzerland where I traveled last year. I like to live in Passau, Germany which is my second home and in future, I definitely want to explore Santorini Island in Greece. 🧳

Was war als Kind dein Traumberuf?

As a kid, I wanted to be an air force pilot just to experience how it feels flying in the air and completing the missions same as in the video games.

Was ist dein Lieblingsfilm? / Lieblingsserie?

My favorite series is Big Bang Theory, which is a best mixture of comedy and having fun with friends. 😎

Wie würdest du dich in einem Satz beschreiben?

I’m trying to explore the true purpose of life and want to help humanity in some way so I can leave a legacy behind which can benefit other people. 😏

Was sind deine drei wichtigsten Arbeitsutensilien?

On my desk, I always have a laptop, notepad for quick notes & a stress ball to play time to time.

Welches Buch hast du als letztes gelesen?

I started reading Atomic Habits by James Clear recently so that my good habits can overcome some of my bad habits with time. ☺️

Was war früher dein liebstes Schulfach?

It’s not one, so I’d say physics, mathematics and biology were my favorite subjects in school 🤨.

Wofür würdest du mitten in der Nacht aufstehen.

When I forgot to brush my teeth before sleeping 😒

Was hast du immer bei dir in der Tasche dabei?

Umbrella, keys and chewing gum 🥴

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