JavaScript is a programming language of webpages. It is primarily used in the browser since it enabler web developers to manipulate webpage content differently.

In programming, comments are meaningful descriptions of the code itself.

If you take a calculator, you can see numbers and arithmetic operations on it. In programming, it’s the same. While in a calculator, the sign = means „show the result,“ in JavaScript, it means „assign the result.“ You can use the = sign to hold some results to use later on.

Variables are labels that you can assign to values.

A constant is like a variable but can only be created and assigned, and In modern language, you make it through the keyword const.

javascript this is a set of instruction that performs a specific task like calculating values
if statement
It merely states that if this condition is actual, do this, and else does something (or nothing). It occurs in varied forms.

A string is a series of characters. Anything inside quotes is considered a string in JavaScript. They are created by surrounding the line with either double-quotes or single.

It is a term that indicates the boundaries to which the code is executed.

Syntax Error
It shows up when a script’s format is incorrect, misspelling, or the script is not recognized.

It is a data type. It present two possible values, true or false.

class is a keyword used to define each object’s behavior that will be created through it.
the object represented mostly by curly {} or square [] brackets. Objects are containers for key and value pairs.

When a variable that references a value is created, it can be assumed that it has a type.

A reference is like a symbolic link that points to a specific value.

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