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From the first to the leading Data Science & AI consultancy in Germany in ten years

  • From four to over 300 employees in ten years
  • Unique corporate culture and satisfied customers as the basis for rapid growth
  • European expansion and competitiveness of the economy in focus

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Munich, 14 June 2022 - "When Alexander Thamm GmbH was founded, as 30-year-olds, we dressed up in suits to radiate respectability. When we named the company, some people smiled at us and assumed that someone wanted to be the next Roland Berger, says Alexander Thamm, founder and CEO of the eponymous Data Science & AI consultancy. "But when I look at what we have achieved on our own over the past ten years, I firmly believe that we will achieve our goals for the next ten as well."

In June 2012, Alexander Thamm GmbH was founded by Alexander Thamm. Until then, Thamm had been a freelancer at BMW and had already made a name for himself there with data & AI projects. However, in order to continue the cooperation with the automotive group, it was necessary to found a limited liability company. This was the starting signal as a data science and AI consultancy - at the time, the first consultancy with this focus in the German-speaking world. Three more freelancers from the BMW environment joined, two of whom are still on board today: Oliver Rosenhahn, Head of IT and Frank Moritz, Head of Data Governance.

From four to over 300 employees in ten years

In 2022, on its 10th anniversary and with the experience gained from over 1,500 data and AI projects, Alexander Thamm GmbH has become a short [at], the epitome of data science and AI in Germany. [at] is also the current winner of the Bavaria's Best 50 Award and has thus been recognised by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs as one of the most innovative and fastest-growing companies.

"We have been doing pioneering work in Germany for ten years", says Alexander Thamm. "We were the first to develop a trainee programme for Data Scientists, contributing to the role definition. With the Data Journey, we have set an industry standard for the company transformation process, towards a 'Data & AI driven company'."

On this path, [at] has accompanied more than 100 clients at various stages - many of them for many years. The first consulting client in 2012 and still on board today is the automotive group BMW. This was followed by EON and MAN, for example. For over seven years, [at] has also been working with the Vorwerk Group on topics related to IOT, streaming, machine learning and platforms in the Thermomix environment.One current result is the recommender system for the Cookidoo recipe platform.

"This project impressively shows how a hardware manufacturer can open up new revenue channels for itself while continuing to offer its Thermomix customers real added value in the face of increasing competition." Thamm says.

There are many such examples: Whether it is forecasting models, as for Bayer or Uniper, the Trips app at ADAC as well as extensive training for all ADAC employees or customers such as Deutsche Bahn or Allianz, where [at] accompanies the entire data journey and thus makes a major contribution to the digitalisation of these large companies. In addition, there are research projects such as OpenGPT-X, the development of a large AI language model for Europe under the leadership of Fraunhofer IAIS. Or AI Knowledge, a VDA flagship initiative with the aim of taking a leading role in the highly dynamic field of autonomous driving.

Today's leading data science and AI consultancy in Germany sets its sights on Europe

The growth target is not an end in itself. Founder Alexander Thamm also committed himself early on to the mission "We want to save Europe". In order to develop this 'impact' for Europe, [at] also wants to grow more strongly in Europe. The start was already made at the beginning of this year with the foundation of a [at] subsidiary in Austria. Further subsidiaries in Europe are planned.

"Our goal is to put Europe on the AI map as a global player that sets standards - especially in terms of business models and economic relevance. For this, we as a data science and AI company need a significant size, more employees and more partners to develop innovative, sustainable solutions for people with and for our customers.", Thamm comments on the Europe mission.

In order to live up to the slogan "Saving Europe", [at] has built up a large network and ecosystem over the past ten years. This includes over 30 partner companies, the AI Federal Association co-founded by [at], events such as the Data Festival, which just took place again in Munich at the end of May, or the Data Science Summer Conference, as well as training programmes such as the Data Academy. In addition, [at] has entered the field of data and AI product development with Casebase, into which the experience of over 1,500 supported data and AI projects has flowed. Such products, which enable a standardised, scalable process, are seen as having great potential, especially with regard to the transformation process of medium-sized businesses. 

"When it comes to data & AI, you can't get past [at] today, numerous companions confirm this to me. That makes me incredibly grateful and proud!", says Thamm with a view to the last ten years. "I would like to highlight our employees, who are incredibly committed to the [at] mission and live our strong Musketeer culture based on values and principles. My CO Managing Director Andreas Gillhuber helped us grow from a start-up to a scale-up and today's consultancy five years ago with his expertise. Jörg Bienert, as [at] Chief Customer Officer, is also President of the KI-Bundesverband. He was confirmed for a second term just this year. We have also been joined by top consultants such as the European TDWI Fellow Dr Carsten Dittmar. In general, I am pleased that there is still a large proportion of staff members who have been with us from the beginning or have been with us for four or five years. We have a fluctuation rate of less than ten percent - that makes me very proud. Without all our colleagues, we would not have made the leap from the first to the leading data science and AI consultancy. Together, we are also creating the positive and value-based change in Europe to become a successful data and AI player."

AT Founder
Founder Alexander Thamm (front centre) and fellow campaigners from the very beginning: "As 30-year-olds, we dressed up in suits to radiate respectability."

About [at] - Alexander Thamm GmbH:  

The Data Science & AI Consultancy [at] - Alexander Thamm GmbH is a leader in the development and implementation of data-driven innovations and business models in German-speaking countries. The service portfolio covers the entire data journey - from the data strategy to the development of algorithms and the construction of IT architectures to maintenance and operation.The company's own Data Academy offers training in data science, big data and artificial intelligence. Founded in 2012 by Alexander Thamm, [at] currently employs over 300 people. The headquarters are in Munich. Other locations are Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Cologne. Its clients include more than half of the DAX 30 companies.

 You can find more information at www.alexanderthamm.com. Network with us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/alexander-thamm-gmbh/   

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