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  • Alexander Thamm GmbH climate neutral since August
  • Green Musketeers Initiative Aims at Net Zero
  • Milestones of [at]'s sustainability efforts

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Munich, August 2022 - After being awarded the silver medal in the sustainability rating by EcoVadis, Alexander Thamm GmbH reaches another milestone: Since 1 August, [at] has been a climate-neutral company as defined by ClimatePartner has been confirmed. In concrete terms, this means that the company's carbon footprint has been determined and fully offset by the purchase of certificates.

We have recorded our greenhouse gas emissions, are continuously reducing them and have offset the remaining emissions through climate protection projects

Alexander Thamm, Founder & CEO

Total CO2 consumption in 2021 was 338 tonnes. This corresponds to 1.9 tonnes per employee:in, whereby the industry benchmark is around three to five tonnes per person. The biggest challenge was in data collection, i.e. determining the direct and indirect emissions produced by the company. The largest share, a good third, is accounted for by the employees' commute to work.

In a company-wide vote, the employees of [at] decided which climate protection project should be supported through compensation. The result was a clear majority in favour of the Forest protection project in Mataven, Colombia which supports indigenous peoples in protecting their forests. It also contributes to nine UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In addition to the avoidance and reduction of greenhouse gases, offsetting is an important step in holistic climate protection. Without offsetting, the goal of the Paris Agreement is no longer achievable - the necessary technologies simply do not yet exist to reduce all emissions drastically enough. Investing in climate protection projects also promotes sustainable development in the countries of the global South, so that progress there does not have to be based solely on fossil energies.

Green Musketeers Initiative Aims at Net Zero

Climate neutral are companies, processes and products whose greenhouse gas emissions have been calculated and offset by supporting internationally recognised climate protection projects. Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions is an important step in holistic climate protection, alongside avoidance and reduction.

Achieving climate neutrality is undoubtedly an important step for our sustainability efforts, but it is also only one step of many. The declared goal: to continuously reduce the offset share - ideally 'net zero', i.e. to zero..

Marc Böggemann, Senior Operations & Process Manager

Böggemann is also a member of the Green Musketeers. The initiative is a voluntary association of [at] employees who have made it their task to promote the topic of sustainability, climate and environmental protection in the company. Fittingly, one of the nine corporate principles is: "We are committed to a sustainable and successful future" - which the "green musketeers" have already impressively demonstrated in the past.

Milestones of [at]'s sustainability efforts

At Alexander Thamm GmbH, the topic of sustainability is in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS). For [at], social responsibility means working for a sustainable economy, a value-oriented society and the protection of the environment, and living these values in our daily cooperation.

Milestones to date:

You can find all the information you need on the topics of sustainability and CSR on our website. Corporate Social Responsibility at [at] (alexanderthamm.com) and in our Sustainability Report 2021.


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