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Alexander Thamm is moving with the times and introducing a hybrid working model. In doing so, [at] is reacting on the one hand to the experiences with the Covid 19 pandemic and on the other hand to the challenges in the competition for the best talents.


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At [at], a culture of trust is lived

The home office obligation introduced by law in the wake of the Corona pandemic was lifted in March. Many companies are now faced with the decision of whether to order their employees back to the office or to continue to allow them to work from home. In other words, how do companies want to shape the future of work? 
For employees, this question has already been clearly answered: a survey by the digital association BITKOM clearly shows that an overwhelming majority, almost 90 per cent, also want to work mobile in the future, at least to some extent.  

At [at], this fundamental question is now also being settled in the interests of the staff: "We are fully committed to mobile working. Even before the pandemic, we had a flexible working model based on trust. We have now used the expiry of the home office obligation to regulate this accordingly in our employment contracts. I am absolutely convinced of the advantages of a hybrid working model. Companies that do not take this step will have a hard time finding the best employees in the future.", says founder & CEO Alexander Thamm.  

"The magic word is trust! In our corporate culture, we rely on self-responsibility and we trust that our employees will always give their best - they can and should decide for themselves where and when!

Alexander Thamm, Founder and Managing Director Alexander Thamm GmbH

The framework for this scope for decision-making results from the coordination with the team as well as from the requirements of customer projects.

In the 'war for talents', [at] relies on hybrid working

For almost two years, companies were forced by the Covid 19 pandemic to allow their employees to work from home. A challenge for many - both technically and culturally. Some have taken the opportunity to try out new models in practice. Employees have also come to terms with the experiences of the pandemic and have corresponding wishes and expectations. This is reflected in the great popularity of mobile working.

Accordingly, the topic of mobile working is also gaining relevance in personnel recruitment. Against the backdrop of the much-cited 'war for talent', Chief People Officer Franziska Schropp emphasises: "We are growing rapidly and are looking for the best talents. Whether they live in a big city at one of our locations or in a tiny village high in the mountains, it doesn't matter to us.."

"It is important to us to be a family-friendly company that can respond to individual wishes. We want to give our employees maximum flexibility and have therefore now also fixed the hybrid working model in our contracts.

Franziska Schropp, Chief People Officer Alexander Thamm GmbH

Franziska sees the biggest challenge in preserving the corporate culture and promoting team spirit within a decentralised team: "In order to strengthen employee loyalty regardless of location, we have introduced numerous measures to offer our colleagues places to meet and exchange - both online and offline." In addition to classic on-site events at the individual locations, [at] offers regular remote coffee calls on current topics, virtual team and company events and virtual celebrations.  

[at] awarded as one of the most innovative and fastest-growing companies in Bavaria

[at] is currently one of the fastest growing companies. Not only in Bavaria - where [at] was recently honoured by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs with the Award for Innovation. BAVARIA'S BEST 50 award. The prize is awarded to particularly fast-growing SMEs that have been able to increase the number of their employees and their turnover above average in recent years. More than 8,000 companies were invited to participate in the competition, and the best 50 were honoured with the coveted 'Bavarian Growth Lion'.

By 2023, [at] wants to grow from 250 to 500 employees. In addition to the existing locations in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Cologne, new openings are planned in Austria and Switzerland. At present, [at] is looking for more than 120 new colleagues across all locations - and the number is rising.   



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