Back to the Future of AI - Ep. 19: Clemens Wasner (enliteAI)

from | 1 July 2024 | Podcast

Alexander Thamm, founder and CEO of Alexander Thamm GmbH [at], talks today with Clemens Wasner, founder and CEO of enliteAI GmbH and co-founder of AI Austria, a think tank for artificial intelligence. Clemens, an AI expert from Austria, has lived in Japan and China and can draw comparisons between Europe and Asia from his own experience.


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Back to the Future of AI | Ep. 19 | Clemens Wasner

The discussion focusses on the competitive opportunities of AI "Made in Europe" compared to the USA and China. It emphasises that Europe needs more support for start-ups and greater economic integration in order to remain competitive in a global context. Clemens calls for topics such as start-ups, the economic situation and the geopolitical situation to be given greater importance in the national and European discourse in order to strengthen Europe in the coming years. He also emphasised the need to think exponentially and use successful examples from the past to move Europe forward.

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