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With ChatGPT, a powerful AI technology has been freely available to the general public for the first time since the end of 2022. Many describe the new chatbot as a real game changer in terms of text generation and speech production. The diverse ChatGPT use cases include content management, internal corporate communications, programming and development, marketing and sales, and many other areas. In this article, you will get an overview of the opportunities and risks as well as some of the most exciting use cases of ChatGPT.


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What access options are available with ChatGPT?

The US tech company OpenAI, which is behind ChatGPT stands, makes his Technology accessible to everyone. Whoever has the Chatbot However, if you want to use the service, you must provide an e-mail address and a valid telephone number. Two different packages are currently available:

  • Free useThe basic variant includes Limited response options and usage functions. For example, it may happen that no access to ChatGPT is possible temporarily in case of overload. This free variant is particularly suitable for individuals and private users.
  • ChatGPT Plus: The Plus Package with costs enables the Unlimited access to the platform and includes additional functions. OpenAI also promises a faster response time for the paid variant. This variant appears to be particularly suitable forFor developers and companies attractive.

The web-based access on ChatGPT is possible via the official website. Users without specific programming knowledge use the innovative technology by entering questions or prompts in the text field provided. For developers who want to integrate ChatGPT into their own applications, OpenAI offers a separate Application Programming Interface (API) an.

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In our FAQ you will find answers to ChatGPT. Learn more about functions, training data, commercial use and the question of copyright.

FAQ ChatGPT: Functionality, opportunities and risks for companies

What are the opportunities and risks of using ChatGPT in companies?

For many companies, the chatbot is a promising tool that can make a significant difference. Contribution to increasing efficiency can achieve. With the help of AI technology, internal processes can be optimised and customers and employees can be better served. ChatGPT is available around the clock and responds to enquiries specifically within and outside business hours. One of the most important advantages is the Labour savingthat comes with the use of ChatGPT. The tool takes over numerous everyday tasks that are usually performed by employees. With its help, users can quickly and easily create their own language and text models without extensive programming knowledge. In addition, machine-generated texts in content management provide a Enormous cost and time savings.

For companies in particular, however, ChatGPT harbours certain Risks. In particular with regard to Data protection and Data security experts are concerned. By agreeing to the chatbot's terms of use, users allow OpenAI to pass on collected data to third parties for certain purposes. Thus, there is always a risk that confidential customer data could fall into the wrong hands. Furthermore, the Data qualitygenerated by ChatGPT often leaves much to be desired at the moment. The adaptive technology draws on a database of unstructured data from the year 2021 and Occasionally provides inaccurate or simply wrong answers. Especially in sensitive business applications, this circumstance proves to be highly problematic. Furthermore, there are currently no reliable filters to ensure that the chatbot does not generate offensive or discriminatory responses.

A precise analysis of ChatGPT use cases in your company is therefore imperative. We will be happy to support you in creating a requirements profile and integrating it into your applications and processes. Contact us at any time for a non-binding consultation.

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What are the possible applications of ChatGPT?

The possibilities that ChatGPT has in store for companies seem almost unlimited and range from the creation of press releases and emails to complex Data mining applications. In the following section, we give you a brief overview of some of the numerous areas of application of the AI tool.

Content Management

Text creation is probably the most obvious and at the same time one of the most popular applications of the AI language creation model. Whether product description, press release, blog article or email: ChatGPT delivers any text modules in acceptable to good quality within seconds. But the possible uses of the innovative tool in content management go far beyond the mere writing of texts. For example, ChatGPT summarises texts and tags them automatically to make them easier to find.

Despite many advantages, the use of ChatGPT in content management for companies is associated with some challenges. In any case, it is advisable to check the text modules generated by the chatbot before publication. On the one hand, the texts sometimes have qualitative as well as content-related deficiencies. In addition, there is always the risk of plagiarism. On the other hand, AI-generated content often has a so-called "cryptographic watermark". Search engines may therefore recognise that it is machine-generated content. This circumstance could have a negative impact on the website's ranking in the future.

ChatGPT Use Cases in Content Management

Inspiration for content ideas

Many operators of corporate blogs eventually run out of ideas for new blog articles. ChatGPT puts an end to this lack of ideas by providing suggestions for new topics including keywords. When it comes to writing the blog text, the chatbot immediately provides a corresponding structure including suitable headlines. The language generation model also helps with creative writer's block.

Editing of existing texts

ChatGPT provides valuable support when revising texts. The AI tool easily detects grammar and spelling mistakes as well as incorrect phrasing and makes suggestions for improvement if necessary. Stylistic optimisations and adaptations to the respective target group can also be effectively implemented with the help of ChatGPT.

Further use cases

The most important use cases of ChatGPT in content management include:

  • Text creation & summary
  • Text classification & Text mining
  • Editing & Editorial

Internal communication

ChatGPT has many possible use cases in the area of internal communication. Although the chatbot can by no means replace human interaction, it is a useful addition in certain situations. For example, the tool is often used to create agendas or write internal emails. Furthermore, internal training materials for employees can be compiled more quickly with the help of ChatGPT.

However, the use of ChatGPT in internal communication brings with it some disadvantages. In companies where the chatbot is increasingly used, there may be a decrease in interpersonal communication as a result. This in turn may have a negative impact on the working atmosphere. In addition, data protection aspects must also be considered in connection with the use of ChatGPT. After all, the greatest possible caution is required, especially when it comes to internal company information.

ChatGPT Use Cases in Internal Communication

Provision of decision proposals

Many teams find it difficult to make decisions. Often, lengthy discussions are necessary, which distract from the actual work objective. ChatGPT is a useful form of support in this regard, in that it can be used on the basis of Algorithms and Data provides specific decision proposals. In this way, the team can decide more quickly and concentrate on the essential tasks.

Creation of meeting agendas

Preparing for a meeting takes a lot of time in some companies. ChatGPT supports the responsible persons in planning and provides suggestions for meeting agendas that cover all relevant topics. For this purpose, the tool can fall back on older meeting minutes and topics that have already been discussed.

Further use cases

In internal corporate communication, ChatGPT can be a useful aid in the following task areas:

  • Agendas & Meetings
  • Formulate decision proposals

Sales & Marketing

In the business fields of sales and marketing, AI technology can be used in a variety of ways. For example, ChatGPT facilitates the creation of Excel formulas and the evaluation of data in lead management. The tool can help optimise internal processes and make them more efficient. By evaluating large amounts of data using chatbots, marketers and sales staff also gain valuable insights into customer behaviour.

Chatbots have enjoyed great popularity in customer support for quite some time. But in this area, the use of ChatGPT is still associated with a certain risk. Only when it is ensured that the tool provides accurate answers can it be used without hesitation. In any case, the company should make it clear to customers that they are not talking to a human, but to a chatbot. Otherwise, this can lead to a serious loss of trust. The implementation of ChatGPT use cases in sales and marketing requires careful planning and monitoring.

ChatGPT Use Cases in Sales and Marketing

Customer enquiries

ChatGPT supports customers in resolving specific concerns by providing detailed product information in an automated way. In addition, customers receive personalised recommendations and purchase suggestions based on their individual needs and preferences.

Social media marketing

Anyone who plans, creates and implements social media campaigns will find it much easier with ChatGPT. The AI technology identifies relevant keywords and hashtags and provides suggestions for appealing texts and captions. In addition, it can be used to analyse performance. By evaluating user interactions with ChatGPT, ongoing campaigns can be optimised accordingly and better adapted to the target group.

Further use cases

The use of ChatGPT can be worthwhile in the following fields of activity in sales and marketing:

  • Generation of complex Excel formulas
  • Email marketing
  • Lead management
  • Product information for customer support
  • Creation of social media campaigns and hashtags
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Programming & Development

ChatGPT opens up exciting new possibilities in programming and development for both experienced developers and technical laypeople. With the help of the technology, code snippets, functions and scripts can be generated quickly and easily. This results in an increasing acceleration and Automation of the development processes is possible. The technology can also be used in the area of error analysis and correction and can even take over complex programming tasks.

Nevertheless, the use of ChatGPT in development is not entirely harmless. As more and more processes become automated, there is a risk that developers will rely too much on the technology and no longer go through essential learning steps. In addition, it occasionally happens that generated codes are faulty or have security gaps.

ChatGPT Use Cases in Programming and Development

Error analysis and correction

ChatGPT helps developers to quickly identify sources of errors and find suitable solutions. For this purpose, it is sufficient for the developer to describe the problem in natural language. The technology then suggests targeted solutions or concrete code snippets that eliminate the specific error.

Learning programming languages

Many developers use ChatGPT to learn new programming languages faster. This is because the chatbot easily converts one programming language into another and converts between several programming languages. Since most programming languages are structurally similar, learning a new syntax usually saves a lot of time.

Further use cases

Among the many possible applications in the field of programming and development are:

  • App & web application programming
  • Convert programming languages
  • Optimisation and debugging of existing code
  • Writing code documentation
  • Prompt engineering for Generative AI Tools (DALL-E etc.)
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Do you need support with your Generative AI projects? From our Use Case Workshop to our executive training to the development and maintenance of GenAI products, Alexander Thamm GmbH offers its customers a wide range of services in the field of Generative AI. Find out more on our services page and contact us at any time for a no-obligation consultation:



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