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A data platform is one of the basic requirements for many use cases. Find out here in which cases a data platform is suitable and worthwhile as a solution for data projects. 

Customers need customised data platforms to realise their data-driven use cases. A data platform can evolve as part of a solution according to a Use Case Workshop offer. It is therefore used when it is a question of transforming a concrete use case into one that can be used in practice. Data product to transform.

Definition of a data platform

First, a basic distinction must be made: For data platforms come in two categories. On the one hand there are Internet-based data platforms (Cloud) and on the other hand there are web-independent on-premise solutions that can be tailor-made for a company or organisation. A data platform is thus one with Interfaces equipped IT infrastructure for industrial and business applications.

Furthermore, an internal distinction can be made - not all platforms are the same. There are general platforms that are implemented company-wide. These are used when collaboration or analysis tools can be used in every area of the company. There are also very specific solutions, for example in the form of a use case data platform. This primarily serves to provide all persons involved in the project with the required data or to guarantee the flow of data.

Link tip: Find out here about the basis for the realisation of use cases and implementation of Data pipelines.

Why it pays to use a data platform:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Stability
  3. Performance
  4. Compatibility
  5. Future-proof

The topic is currently gaining Go live of data science use cases is becoming increasingly important. A critical factor here is the stable and cost-effective operation within the framework of the data science use case. In this context, a data platform represents an optimal architecture in terms of costs, system stability, connection to existing legacy systems, performance and future security.

Learn more about going live in our free whitepaper: "7 Best Practices for Deploying your Data Products"

Our data platform services

In our cooperation with our customers, we notice again and again that there is a growing need for practical knowledge and support in setting up a data platform. That is why we want to offer our customers as complete a service as possible around the topic of data or data platform. Our services include:

  • Training courses on the topic of data platform (AT Academy)
  • Evaluation and conception of data architectures (general platforms, use case architectures) based on customer requirements
  • Installation and setup of a data platform
  • Testing, setting up monitoring, 1st and 2nd level support
  • Platform Readiness Workshop
  • Connection to external systems


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