The 10 AI Trends 2018 Part 1: Single Applications

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Artificial intelligence (AI) will be one of the dominant topics in 2018. 51% of Germans hope that AI will make their lives easier. Although a high percentage of respondents in a recent study conducted by SYZYGY also associate the topic of AI with fears and mistrust, for the economy AI primarily means an enormous opportunity. That is why we have here 10 AI trends 2018 compiled.

In doing so, we rely on our practical experience as well as sources such as Gartner's Hype Cycle, which, however, does not differentiate too much on the topic of AI. Artificial Intelligence resp. Artificial intelligence will continue to be relevant for the next 10 years, according to Gartner, and will evolve from the simple form of AI we see today to more powerful manifestations.

1. AI in Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

One of the application areas of AI that is currently gaining more and more awareness are chatbots and virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa & Co. Many of these chatbots (in the broadest sense) work with AI in the background. On the subject of Speech recognition The maturity level of the AI can be read off well from the answers to the user questions.

The progress made in this area contributes, among other things, to the fact that the areas of application of Chatbots & Co are steadily increasing. While until now only human colleagues could be found in companies, there are more and more virtual colleagues. Like other contacts on Skype or Slack, you ask them questions about certain topics.

In 2018, AI colleagues will be here as a matter of course to help with the handling of certain procedures or processes. Even tiresome processes such as travel expense accounting can be handled easily in this way.

2. autonomous driving

The area Autonomous driving has been in the spotlight when it comes to AI for quite some time. Until now, however, autonomous vehicles have hardly been seen on the roads beyond the test tracks for a number of reasons. That could change as early as 2018. Even among the pioneers of autonomous driving, only level 4 autonomy has been achieved so far - in other words, a driver still has to sit behind the wheel.

But new vehicles such as small transport buses and taxis from Bosch, for example, drive completely driverless and are to be used from 2018. The decisive factor as to when and whether autonomous vehicles will be on the roads is no longer the technological development but also, and above all, on the Legislation.


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3. predictive policing: AI-assisted policing

An emotionally, legally and ethically sensitive area of application in which artificial intelligence is used is Predictive policing - Police work using AI-assisted predictions to fight crime. Most people will recognise this topic from the film Minority Report in which the future scenario is painted particularly black.


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Predictive policing combines statistical data on past offences with various other factors. From this, probabilities can be calculated or criminal hotspots can be identified where crimes are likely to occur. Predictive policing is already the norm in the USA and some pilot projects are already underway in Europe and Germany. With programmes like Precobs, critical places and times can be identified and preventive units deployed to prevent possible crimes.

4. automatic text generation is gaining acceptance

If Wikidata is included in the Wikipedia universe, the number of automatically generated texts already far exceeds those written by humans. Up to now, the generated texts were usually only explanations of terms, basic information and automatic translations - in other words, data and factual knowledge. But the texts, composed according to an increasingly similar principle, are taking on a more and more natural form.

The ability of programmes to create texts automatically is improving all the time. At the heart of the matter, it is not about replacing editors at some point.

It is true that sports news and stock market news can also be automated, which used to be written by humans. But these are not sophisticated texts in which style and tone play an important role. Rather, these are texts that are created according to a fixed standard. Texts like these can increasingly be created automatically.

Artificial intelligence can be a breakthrough because the texts can be better analysed and therefore always authentic can sound. To name just a selection of possible text genres:

  • Constantly recurring reports in a corporate context such as annual reports
  • Stock market reports and business news
  • News ticker texts such as sports results or election projections
  • Weather forecasts
  • Traffic news
  • Statistical information
  • Descriptive texts for products and services

5. AI in marketing: AI-supported analysis of customer behaviour and buying preferences

Marketing departments are often drivers of innovation. In the case of artificial intelligence, too, there are numerous concrete use cases here in which AI brings advantages. The analysis of customer behaviour and purchasing preferences are to be mentioned here in the first place. Until now, it often still happened that individual purchases made for relatives or friends that had nothing to do with one's own wishes had an impact on the personalised recommendations.

Recommender systems, i.e. automated recommendations and automatic adjustments of offers, prices and ads driven by AI-powered algorithms, recognise interrelated patterns and deviations from them much more accurately and will spread across the board in 2018. Real-time analyses and dynamic Micro-targeting from the first click are thus possible.

Reading Tip: Read our overview article to find out which Advantages AI still brings to marketing.

AI trends 2018 continues...

In these five individual application areas, AI will prevail and set new standards in 2018. In addition to these specific examples, there are also five more general AI trends in 2018 that will also be characterised by significant advances. In the second part of the AI Trends 2018 we will therefore turn to the more general, overarching trends.

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