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Digital, data-driven business models are at the heart of the digital transformation of companies. Many companies want to add data science applications to their digital products or services so that they can also benefit from their data in the long term. Behind this is the desire to create a lasting competitive advantage and to gain a knowledge edge. This is achieved, for example, by companies acting in a data-driven manner as early as the product development stage. A digital transformation understood in this way, which places data at the centre, is what we call: Data-driven digitalisation.

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Goals of data-driven digitalisation

Data-driven digitalisation pursues two main goals. Firstly, digital product developments are to be expanded to include data-driven approaches, and secondly, they are to be integrated into the digital product portfolio.

The idea behind this approach is simple: today, data plays a role in every point of product development. That is why the focus in the future must be on data-driven product development. Through a data-centric approach From conception to go-live value-creating data use becomes possible.

Triple added value of data-driven digitalisation

Due to increased competitive pressure, it is becoming more and more important today to distinguish oneself from the competition. This is achieved either through Optimisation, diversification or through Disruption. With a data-driven digitalisation strategy, you can continuously build up your data know-how, you expand your digital portfolio through data-driven product development and, last but not least, you gain the opportunity to open up new markets.

Prerequisites for data-driven digitalisation

As data-driven digitalisation builds on previous developments in the field, your company should have the following experience: Your company already has Cross-sectional knowledge along the entire Data Journey. Only in this way can we guarantee holistic advice. In addition, a Expertise in the area of digital business models is necessary.

Our services for data-driven digitalisation

We offer a one-day Workshop on data-centred product development, which is followed by several weeks of monitoring. We advise you on all decisions concerning data collection and use throughout the entire development cycle. This also includes support in the selection of suitable technologies, data collection and concrete implementation.

On the basis of our many years of Experience in over 600 data projects we provide our data expertise to software developers and digital strategy consultancies for the development of data-driven products. The expertise we bring to the table spans the entire project duration in terms of data collection and use, suitable technologies and concrete implementation.


Michaela Tiedemann

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