First training centre for artificial intelligence and data science opens in Germany

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The new Data Academy in Munich starts with a professional seminar programme for Machine Learning, Data Science and programming languages. In addition, companies can transfer the assessment centre for specialists to Alexander Thamm GmbH via the new "Recruiting Services".

Artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning are topics that already play an important role in German companies today. Job profiles are changing and the need for skilled workers is growing rapidly. The new Data Academy of the data consultancy Alexander Thamm GmbH in Munich picks up on this need and now offers a broad training and further education programme. Training courses and seminars, data training camps and individual coaching sessions are led by data experts from leading digital companies and consultancies. "Further education in the data sector is in high demand. With the new Data Academy, we are offering a professional training programme into which we have integrated our knowledge from over 500 Data science and machine learning projectsn - with this direct practical relevance, we have developed a programme that does not yet exist in this form," explains Managing Director Alexander Thamm. Furthermore, the new seminar offer also supports recruiting. In addition to the role and job definition, which is derived from the company's data strategy, Alexander Thamm GmbH also offers a "Candidate Assessment", in which applicants are professionally classified by data experts. The further training courses take place in the "Data Hub", the new offices of Alexander Thamm GmbH, or directly on site if desired.

Further training in the field of Data Science for beginners and professionals

The seminar programme of Alexander Thamm GmbH includes training courses for beginners as well as further training for specialists on the topics of "Machine Learning", "Supervised Machine Learning", "Unsupervised Machine Learning", "Data Science"Cloud Computing" and the basics of the programming languages "Python" and "R". In addition to the training courses at the Data Academy in Munich, individual training courses are also offered on site at the company. The coaches assess the level of knowledge and the needs of the employees in advance in order to create a customised training concept. Companies can also book the "Coaching on the Project" model, in which employees are trained directly on a concrete project.

Professional recruiting of skilled workers

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Alexander Thamm Data Academy

Digital developments are changing existing occupational fields and new professionals are being sought. Based on the data strategy, Alexander Thamm GmbH derives required role profiles and develops the appropriate job advertisements. In order to support the HR department in the best possible way and to assess the professional competence of the applicants, the Data Academy offers an assessment centre led by data experts. In order to retain the talent afterwards, companies need challenging and supportive career paths and perspectives - Alexander Thamm GmbH supports this with know-how and appropriate templates.


Michaela Tiedemann

Michaela Tiedemann has been part of the Alexander Thamm GmbH team since the early start-up days. She has actively shaped the development from a fast-moving, spontaneous start-up to a successful company. With the founding of her own family, a whole new chapter began for Michaela Tiedemann at the same time. Hanging up her job, however, was out of the question for the new mother. Instead, she developed a strategy to reconcile her job as Chief Marketing Officer with her role as a mother.

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