#InsideAT - Christina Sievers: Senior Data Scientist and Dressage Rider

von | 7 August 2017 | #InsideAT

In the new category #InsideAT we would like to introduce our team in more detail. Interviews with our employees and their special hobbies or other idiosyncrasies will appear here at regular intervals so that you can get a better picture of AT as a company. Because we stand and fall with our data scientists, consultants, trainees and all others with whom we work on the Data Journey go.

What does dressage riding have to do with the role of Data Scientist at Alexander Thamm? Our colleague Christina Sievers (Senior Data Scientist) organised a horse show in Mainburg last weekend, where Alexander Thamm GmbH was allowed to sponsor a prize for the L-level dressage on curb bit. In an interview, we asked her about her role at AT, where she sees the Data Science connection to equestrian sport and how she balances her job and hobby.

How long have you been working at AT and what is your exact role?

I have been working at AT for about 2 years now. As a Senior Data Scientist and Team Lead, I am responsible for multi-project management as well as for the technical leadership of a team.

What do you particularly like about your work?

I particularly like the team spirit at AT and the enthusiasm with which everyone goes about their work. I also find the variety of my tasks exciting and that I get to know many different industries in the course of my projects. Last but not least, our legendary Corporate events (such as the AT-Wiesn visit or the Christmas party) - that simply bonds us together.

At the tournament you competed with your own horse. How do you manage to combine your job as a consultant with your hobby?

In order to participate successfully in dressage competitions at the weekend, I have to train about 4-5 times a week. This requires a high degree of discipline and time management. Since most of our projects take place offsite in Munich and I can arrange my working hours flexibly, I am able to combine my job and my hobby.

What exactly is your role at your tournaments and how can people best support you?

As show director, I am responsible for the overall organisation and smooth running of the horse show. As with all sports club events, we also rely on generous sponsors and hard-working helpers. We appreciate any kind of support - from home-baked cakes to honorary and cash prizes, we greatly appreciate any help. Therefore, I would also like to thank AT once again for sponsoring us!

Do you find a connection between your job as a data scientist and your hobby as a dressage rider?

Both as a team lead and as a horse owner, I have a great responsibility towards my team or my horse. To be successful as a team or with one's horse requires not only high motivation and great trust, but also sufficient sensitivity and enormous stamina. It is important that everyone is motivated and wants to go in the same direction, because only together can you reach the goal! I can confirm this both when working in a team and as a dressage rider.

As a highlight, Christina Sievers looked at the data available to her and analysed it in the best data science manner. The result is this exciting infographic, which is not only of interest to the participants in the tournament, but also to us. We thank Christina Sievers for the interview and wish her good luck for the next tournaments!

Infographic Dressage

Dressage figures

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