#InsideAT - Our new Data Science Trainee Michael Oberhauser

from | 14 June 2018 | #InsideAT

In the #InsideAT Series we would like to introduce our new employees again. Today we continue with our new Data Science Trainee in Munich, Michael Oberhauser. In the interview, you can find out what Michael did before, what he is most looking forward to and what his dream job was as a child.

1. what position do you take on at AT?

I start at AT as Data Science Trainee an.

2. how did you become aware of AT?

At a Christmas party of my university's laboratory, a fellow student told me during a conversation on the topic "Neural networks in the economy" was given a business card from AT. I then took a look at AT's homepage and there I found the Job postings discovered.

3. why did you choose AT?

The Data Science Trainee Programme was very appealing to me. Not only do you get the chance to get to know the whole company, but you can also continue your education. Because you join another team after a few months, it doesn't get boring. It is a perfect transition from studying to working life.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I am looking forward to varied, exciting tasks that I get to solve together with nice and motivated people.

5. what did you do before?

I previously studied general computer science as a Bachelor and medical computer science as a Master in Regensburg.

Where were you born and raised?

I come from the beautiful Chiemgau, where hare and fox still say good night to each other.

7. what was your dream job as a child?

I always wanted to become a teacher because they have a lot of free time 😉

8. what is your favourite film / series?

Phew... where to start... I really, really like Rick & Morty, but also think classics like Avatar, Lord of the Rings and Knights of the Coconut are great.

9. what has been your favourite travel destination so far and where would you definitely like to go?

I spent a year in London after school. I definitely wouldn't want to miss that time. The city is unique, I met a lot of cool people there and I'm still in touch with them today. Where do I still want to go? Anywhere that is not too hot.

10. which book did you read last?

I'm currently reading "Princess Insomnia & the Nightmare-coloured Nightmare" by Walter Moers.

Michael, thank you very much for the interview and welcome to the AT Team!



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