#InsideAT - Our working student Michaela Schlögl writes her bachelor thesis at AT and answers our questions

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In our #InsideAT series we regularly introduce new Employees or news in our company. Today it's Michaela Schlögl's turn. She is writing her bachelor's thesis at AT and works for us as a student trainee in the HR department. In the interview, she talks about her bachelor's thesis, which she wrote at AT.

About your way to us

How did you become aware of AT?

Michaela Schlögl: I saw a job advertisement on LinkedIn and was immediately attracted, as both the tasks and the company sounded very suitable for me personally, but also for my Bachelor's thesis.

What position will you take on at AT?

Michaela Schlögl: I have been working at AT as a student trainee in the HR department since May 2018 and already wrote my bachelor's thesis at AT in the summer.

About your bachelor thesis at AT

What is the topic of your bachelor thesis?

Michaela Schlögl: My thesis is entitled "Analysis of employee satisfaction of Generation Y using the example of Alexander Thamm GmbH" and examines the worker satisfaction of Generation Y at AT.

Why did you choose AT?

Michaela Schlögl: AT is a company with young employees, most of whom are members of Generation Y. The company and its employees were therefore a perfect fit for the topic of my thesis. Therefore, the company and its employees were a great fit for the topic of my thesis. I was also convinced by the promise of support in creating the questionnaire. This commitment also made me aware that a continuous evaluation and increase in employee satisfaction are of great importance for the company.

How did you come up with this topic and why did you choose it?

Michela Schlögl: I was already interested in employee satisfaction in companies during the "Human Resources" lecture at university. It is becoming increasingly important for companies due to demographic change and the resulting shortage of skilled workers. So it was clear that the thesis should deal with employee satisfaction - but the topic still had to be narrowed down in a meaningful way. Since I myself belong to Generation Y and this now represents a large proportion of the working population, I decided to investigate the satisfaction of Generation Y in more detail.

How did you go about writing your thesis?

Michaela Schlögl: It quickly became clear to me that I would like to conduct a direct survey on employee satisfaction in a company, as satisfaction is a subjective attitude. So I decided to conduct a quantitative employee survey on this topic in the form of an online questionnaire. I adapted the structure of the questionnaire to the Values and adapted the structure of the AT. The integration of the values was important to me, as they influence the corporate culture and thus the general well-being of the employees. The questionnaire was sent to all employees in the form of a link by email, the time window for processing was set at 3 weeks.

What were the most important results?

Michaela Schlögl: The most important thing is probably that most employees are satisfied with their work at AT. Employees' satisfaction with individual aspects of the company, such as the sense of community and the corporate culture, were also rated very positively. However, the data also highlighted a challenge for AT: The compatibility of work and family. Due to the demographic change in the employee structure, more parents will work at AT in the future, for whom this compatibility will be relevant. The aspect of further development is another result of the survey - this plays an important role for both the employees and the management.

What surprised you the most?

Michaela Schlögl: I was very pleased and also surprised by the high response rate of 75%. The high participation rate for open questions was also astonishing for me.

How did AT support you with your bachelor thesis?

Michaela Schlögl: On the one hand, of course, with the permission to use the partly sensitive data in my work. On the other hand, the HR department supported me in creating and improving the questionnaire.

And where do we go from here?

Michaela Schlögl: The results of the employee survey were processed in an employee satisfaction workshop in which a heterogeneous group of employees participated. Concrete measures to increase employee satisfaction at AT were derived from the input of this workshop. These are now being implemented step by step, depending on the urgency. I was able to participate in the employee satisfaction workshop and the derivation of measures and contribute ideas. This was a special experience for me and I look forward to continuing to advance and experience the implementation of the measures as a working student.

What did you enjoy the most?

Michaela Schlögl: What I enjoy most is working with the staff, because AT has an open and relaxed atmosphere. Working atmosphere reigns. Above all, the preparation and implementation of the employee satisfaction workshop were a highlight for me, as I was able to experience first-hand that my thesis was not gathering dust on some shelf, but had a concrete purpose and actually benefited the company.

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