#InsideAT - Susanne Wolf: About HR and the AT Social Day

from | 4 October 2017 | #InsideAT

Hello Susanne, nice to talk to you again. Please introduce yourself and tell us something about your role at AT.

Hello Jannes, I am equally pleased. At Alexander Thamm GmbH, I am responsible for the entire value chain of human resources management. The areas of responsibility in Human Resources are very diverse and include all topics related to personnel - starting with recruitment, onboarding, planning and the targeted deployment of employees as well as their supervision. In my role, I am concerned with motivating employees and identifying and promoting talent. In addition, successful employee retention and active HR marketing are highly important for the long-term success of the company.

What do you like most about your job?

The special thing about my job is that the tasks are very varied - no two days are the same. At Alexander Thamm GmbH, I am given the opportunity to put my ideas into practice without major hurdles and without long decision-making processes. I really appreciate this flexibility and freedom.

Most recently, you introduced the AT Social Day. Can you tell us briefly what that is and how it came about?

The AT Social Day focuses on the social experience. It is about helping people in need in cooperation with a social institution or organisation and thus bringing them joy. We believe that our employees also have a social responsibility and that is why we have introduced the AT Social Day. This is in line with the standards and values of Alexander Thamm GmbH.

How did you choose the organisation with which you run the AT Social Day?

We think that the integration of physically or mentally impaired people into social life is very important and for this reason we have chosen the Pfennigparade decided. The Pfennigparade Foundation is one of the largest rehabilitation centres for physically disabled people in Germany. It was founded in Munich in the early 1950s and, as a social enterprise, is committed to inclusion and participation in the areas of education, work, housing and health.

An employee of Alexander Thamm GmbH with a Pfennigparade resident at the Magic Life exhibition.

An employee of Alexander Thamm GmbH with a Pfennigparade resident at the Magic City exhibition.

How did the AT Social Day go in detail and will there be another social engagement in the future?

It was a really successful day. We picked up the residents from their dormitory and then drove together to the Olympiasee restaurant in the Olympic Park, where we had lunch and got to know the residents better. Afterwards, we visited the exhibition "Magic City - The Art of the Street", which was presented in the small Olympic Hall. The exhibition is a unique art project in the field of street art, put on by renowned street artists of all genres. Everyone enjoyed the exhibition very much. Afterwards, we went back to the Pfennigparade residence and the residents told us many exciting stories about themselves and their lives over coffee and cake. In the early evening, an eventful day came to an end, which we will all remember for a long time. In the future, we plan to organise an AT Social Day at least twice a year. Some of our colleagues have even taken on voluntary sponsorship after this special day and will be volunteering at Pfennigparade. Thus, the day was a complete success for everyone involved.



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