Determining the maturity of AI in the company with the Maturity Assessment Tool from appliedAI

from | 4 October 2021 | [at] News

With the support of [at] as a technical implementation partner, appliedAI has developed a free application to determine the AI maturity of companies.

The integration of AI in various company areas and processes can represent a massive added value, and the areas of application are diverse. However, companies are often not even aware of the great potential of AI applications or fail to select and establish the first, simple use cases. This is a problem that should not be underestimated, because it is certain that for many companies there will be no way around artificial intelligence in the future. Especially in comparison with the USA or China massive need to catch up in Europe. Companies that now take a close look at new technologies and the opportunities they offer, and recognise the massive added value that AI can bring, still have a chance to secure and expand their competitiveness. 

In order to support companies on their path to digital transformation, the appliedAI with the support of Alexander Thamm GmbH as technical realisation partner, a free of charge Maturity Assessment Tool developed to help companies determine their AI maturity.  

Using an interactive online platform, companies can evaluate their status with regard to the introduction of AI. In about 20 minutes, companies answer 109 questions, which are used as the basis for the evaluation. Different indicators are considered, such as the visibility of AI in the corporate strategy or data management. The maturity assessment covers and evaluates ten different company-relevant dimensions, so that the AI maturity level can be derived for each of these dimensions. Following the questionnaire, participants receive an interactive visualisation of the results. In addition, the tool provides individual recommendations for action to optimise AI maturity based on the results.  

The free Maturity Assessment Tool thus provides valuable insights into the status of a company with regard to AI and shows initiatives and solutions to drive the adaptation of AI in the company and to use the enormous potential as a competitive advantage of AI. Building on the results, they can anchor and further develop their AI strategy.  

Developed together with leading global AI organisations, the tool is currently being rolled out with partners in European countries. The Federation of German Industries and Bitkom are supporting as partners.



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