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What does the last Friday in September look like at Alexander Thamm GmbH? Like last year, it's a little different from the normal working day. Almost all employees meet in the office dressed up in their traditional costumes, complete the last tasks of the week and wait at 11 a.m. sharp to set off together to the Oktoberfest makes.

Let's get going in the Schützen festival tent

We spend the sunniest day of the last few weeks from 12 noon onwards at the Schützen-Festzelt. The seats are quickly found and the first seating arrangement of the day is taken. At the meanwhile 7 tables that we need are the Brotzeitbrettl already ready. The first measure is not much longer in coming. The next five hours pass as if in a flash. By now hardly anyone is sitting at the tables, but people are standing in the aisles, talking even more animatedly than at the beginning of the day and looking forward to the rest of the day. After a last snack of Kaiserschmarrn and chicken, we head off into the early evening sun.

Rides also have to be

In addition to the obligatory photo at the shooting, now especially the Rides at the Wiesn 2017 will be in the foreground. Let's get started on the carpet slide. Close races are fought among each other, but the sporting ambition is kept within healthy limits and everyone arrives safely at the bottom. There were no injuries worth mentioning on the following visit to the bumper cars either. Last but not least, a few laps are made on the wheat beer carousel - interrupted by a short trip to the devil's wheel. Once again, time goes by far too quickly until the sun slowly disappears and the day turns into evening.

The end is not yet in sight

Just like last year, the day is not over when you leave the festival grounds of the Wiesn 2017. Together we go back to the P1where the night is once again turned into day. In the meantime, one or two friends of the company or family members have also joined in. After a few hours of happy celebrating, people gradually go home, happy and exhausted, and can look back on a great night. Wiesntag look back.

We are already looking forward to next year, because from tomorrow onwards, peace will return to the Theresienwiese. For us, the first thing on the agenda is the legendary AT Christmas Party in December.



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