#InsideAT - Our new Senior Project & Process Manager Sophia Anthes

from | 7 October 2022 | #InsideAT

In our #InsideAT series we regularly present new employees. Today it's Sophia Anthes' turn. She starts with us as a Senior Project & Process Manager - in this interview she tells us what drove her to join us, what her background is and how she likes to spend her life outside of work.

What position will you take on at [at]?

At [at], I will be taking on the position of Senior Project & Process Manager in Operations from October.

How did you find out about [at]?

Quite classically, via Google search. Once I became aware of the company, I took a closer look at the LinkedIn channel and the Kununu profile.

Why did you choose [at]?

I found the recruiting process very pleasant and of course the job profile appealed to me. Especially in the area of CSR and Co, [at] was convincing and the benefits are also impressive;).

What are you looking forward to the most?

What I am most looking forward to is a strong learning curve and getting to know my new colleagues.

What did you do before?

In my last position, I was able to discover my passion for CSR and sustainability. At that time, I was still in a more creative environment and was able to let off steam on the topics of marketing and communication, among others. Always fun - creating PowerPoint presentations.

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Gießen (Hesse) where I have spent the longest time of my life (so far).

Since 2016, however, I have been allowed to call myself (elective) Leipzig resident and what can I say: the move was a great decision for me and my family. Leipzig is a very family-friendly city, beautiful and offers thousands of opportunities in all areas (sports, culture, nature,...).

What do you do in your spare time?

I always look forward to outings with the family. Whether it's hiking, going to the spa, or cleaning up the neighbourhood, ... I never say no.

What has been your favourite travel destination so far and where would you definitely like to go?

My favourite travel destination is definitely Vancouver in Canada. The city has so much to offer: A breathtaking landscape, people to fall in love with and insanely good restaurants. Apart from Canada, Japan is also on my bucket list.

What was your dream job as a child?

When I was a child, I wanted to be a bus driver. But my brother brought me back down to earth when he asked me how I was actually going to remember the complicated route. He pointed out that it was simply impossible and that no one would ever get out where they had planned. So 4-year-old Sophia had to reorientate herself^^.

What is your favourite film / series?

Negotiable with Samuel L. Jackson (Not to say Dirty Dancing). I love the films of the 90s. Complex stories, authentic actors and sometimes an unexpected plot twist are exactly to my taste. If you haven't seen the film yet, buy a big box of popcorn and watch Sam communicate;)

What was the last book you read?

EQ. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman - But luckily I still have a few pages to go (but so far I am totally enthusiastic).

What could you definitely not do without in your travel suitcase?

To my "tidy pockets". With these, everything has its exact place, so I can find even the smallest pin in seconds.


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