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Real Creating added value with artificial intelligence - this was the focus of the Data AI Summer Conference of Alexander Thamm GmbH. Porsche, Volkswagen Financial Services and Munich RE gave an insight into their strategy and best practices.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the trending topics in politics and in companies. But how and in which business areas is AI already being used successfully and can deliver clear added value? Experts from various companies and associations discussed this at the Alexander Thamm GmbH Data & AI Summer Conference. Ingo Alzner from Porsche AG and Dr Alexander Borek from Volkswagen Financial Services, together with Managing Director Alexander Thamm, showed how to approach the Data Journey - the process from problem definition to the development of a prototype to the implementation of a finished data product - in large companies. Dr Andreas Nawroth from Munich RE used various examples to explain how insurance companies can use deep learning algorithms to make predictions and thus take loss-reducing steps in advance. In addition to the keynotes, the guests were able to exchange ideas with the data and AI experts from Alexander Thamm GmbH and delve into the technical details during Deep Dive workshops. Krishnan Rajaram from Amazon Web Services (AWS) explained, for example, how the cloud can be used to accelerate machine learning processes. With Jürgen Schön from Qlik, the event visitors were able to learn something about how companies can evaluate and use large amounts of data. The Data & AI Summer Conference was organised jointly with AWS (Platinum Sponsor), Qlik (Gold Sponsor) and Cisco (Silver Sponsor).

Challenge the Expert: Clear answers to all questions about AI and Machine Learning

DAISC2019 Panel Session
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Many questions, few concrete answers - that's what the the experts at the Data & AI Summer Conference and set themselves the challenge of answering 15 questions in 30 minutes. and set themselves the challenge of answering 15 questions in 30 minutes, so that the questioner was satisfied. Ludwig Brummer, Karl Schriek and Andreas Gillhuber from Alexander Thamm GmbH, Frank Thomaschweski from Qlik and Ernst Kratky from Cisco gave insights into their experiences and pointed out concrete solutions - both from a consulting perspective as well as from a software and technology perspective. "Many of our customers are already successfully using artificial intelligence and machine learning successfully and are developing new business areas. We would like to show best best practice examples to prove: Almost anything is possible, you just have to and implement it correctly," explains Managing Director Alexander Thamm.

Artificial intelligence in German companies
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Afterwards, Jörg Bienert, President of the KI Bundesverband in Germany, gave a keynote speech on the current state of AI and what and what needs to change in German companies and also in politics in order to international competition in the long term. Only through integrated action planning with a clear focus can the implementation of the AI strategy can be successfully implemented. With immediate effect, Jörg Bienert is part of the Alexander Thamm team and joins as Chief Product Officer and Head of the new location in Cologne.

Data Gladiator Award: Machine Learning explained on the accordion

In the evening, four companies had the opportunity to win the "Data Gladiator Award". Cisco, Vorwerk International, Sony Music Entertainment and took on the challenge. The task was to present Data Science and AI projects as comprehensibly as possible in a live pitch. Ernst Kratky from Cisco thought: "It works better with music anyway! With the With the accordion, there was a gstanzl to the FlowIQ project, which was about building customer experience with Machine Learning, customer experience with machine learning. He hit the bull's eye with the audience and manoeuvred the volume meter for the applause vote into the red zone. the red zone for the applause vote.

Artificial intelligence in German companies
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About the Alexander Thamm GmbH

Alexander Thamm founded his eponymous GmbH in Munich in 2012. The company is the first true data science and AI consultancy in Germany and currently employs currently employs around 150 people at five locations. Alexander Thamm GmbH takes on the collection, analysis, evaluation and visualisation of data and and builds recommendations for action for companies on this basis. Its clients include half of the DAX 30 companies, including BMW, VW and RWE.


Michaela Tiedemann

Michaela Tiedemann has been part of the Alexander Thamm GmbH team since the early start-up days. She has actively shaped the development from a fast-moving, spontaneous start-up to a successful company. With the founding of her own family, a whole new chapter began for Michaela Tiedemann at the same time. Hanging up her job, however, was out of the question for the new mother. Instead, she developed a strategy to reconcile her job as Chief Marketing Officer with her role as a mother.

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