Social Day 2.0 - the AT Social Day 2018

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After the eventful Social Day in 2017 it was clear to many employees of Alexander Thamm GmbH that the event should take place again in 2018. So this year, together with the Pfenningparade, we visited an exhibition at the Kunsthalle München. The AT Social Day 2018 was great fun for both the AT participants and the Pfenning Parade residents and it was again a very special day.

Social responsibility and the AT Social Day

AT Social Day 2018 is about social responsibility, inclusion and fun. In cooperation with a social institution, we want to bring joy to people away from their everyday lives. At the same time, it is important to us that we as a company take on social responsibility and take a step towards inclusion through the AT Social Day. The AT Team is actively involved in this and we are pleased to be able to live our values even more consciously.

Social Day 2018Social Day 2018.

Schedule of the AT Social Day 2018

"The world is what we perceive."
Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1908-1961)

The aim of the AT Social Day 2018 was an exhibition at the Kunsthalle München with the theme "Lust der Täuschung. From Ancient Art to Virtual Reality". After the residents got to know each other or even met again, we travelled together by underground to the Kunsthalle in the city centre.

At the special exhibition of the Kunsthalle Munich, we were given a guided tour on the topic of illusions and illusions in art. Everyone really enjoyed the guided tour through the varied and surprising exhibition. As a perfect finale, we experienced an optical illusion at first hand: a seemingly very long corridor became so narrow after just a few metres that it was impossible to walk any further.

After the tour, we went back to the dormitory. There we shared exciting life stories and anecdotes and reviewed the exhibition in a convivial atmosphere with coffee, pastries and cake. As a small surprise, we gave the residents silk, swing and juggling scarves. Thus, the second Social Day of Alexander Thamm GmbH ended successfully and happily in the late afternoon and we are looking forward to further joint events with Pfenningparade.



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