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Why become a Data Science Trainee? Digitalisation and the enormous amounts of data it generates are transforming our economy and society. The demand for data specialists in companies and organisations has been rising continuously ever since. More and more companies want to use their data profitably.

Data Science is a key to this, as methods and solution approaches are combined with a sound understanding of economic contexts. In order to respond to the increasing importance of Data Science and the demand on the labour market, Alexander Thamm GmbH already established the first Data Science Trainee Programme in the German-speaking countries. In the meantime, already Over 25 trainees successfully completed the programme.

What makes a good Data Scientist

The requirements for a data scientist are extremely high. A good data scientist must have successfully completed a degree, for example in statistics, mathematics, (business) informatics, physics, business administration, economics or engineering. Important is a quantitative focus within the framework of the study programme. This requires strong logical thinking, mathematical and analytical skills as well as a structured approach.

Experience in at least one common programming language and solid database skills are indispensable for a good data scientist. A healthy degree of pragmatism and creative skills, for example to find alternative solutions, are also more than just an advantage. Basic project management know-how and strong communication skills are also helpful.

In the course of the career, these skills become professional expertise are added. Since the application areas of data science have a wide range, it often takes an additional two to three years to complete a professional specialisation.

Become a Data Scientist in one year with the Data Science Trainee Programme

No matter what professional background a prospective Data Scientist comes from - every trainee will be trained in the core elements of our Data compass trained. The four core areas include Business Processes, Data Intelligence, Predictive analytics and Insights Visualisation.

In contrast to large corporations, there is no fixed starting time for the Data Science Trainee Programme at Alexander Thamm GmbH. The Entry date is agreed individually. At the beginning of the trainee programme, each trainee is given a Needs analysis and, together with him, created a personal roadmap developed.

Learning-by-doing - practical relevance from day one

From day 1 onwards, the trainees support our experienced Data Scientists on real client projects. In order to get to know different industries and projects, the trainees rotate every quarter and are thus assigned to different teams.

Every Data Science Trainee receives a Mentor who accompanies them intensively through the programme. In addition to professional development, the mentor also supports personal development. All mentors have either completed the Alexander Thamm GmbH trainee programme themselves or have already gained several years of professional experience in the field of data science. They know what it takes to become a good data scientist and are always available to answer questions.

Further education through training and Freaky Friday

A central component of our Data Science Trainee Programme is our comprehensive Curriculum with basic and specialisation training courses. We emphasise a mixture of frontal training, seminars with practical exercises and workshops.

Each training is assigned to an area of our data compass. For the competence area Business ProcessesFor example, there are training courses on design thinking, questioning and presentation techniques. To Data IntelligenceThese include, for example, further training in data preparation, SQL or Apache Spark. The compass element Predictive analytics includes various advanced training courses in Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and R. Zu Insights Visualisation include training such as Tableau, QlikView and JavaScript.

At "Freaky Friday" every trainee has the opportunity to work on internal projects and further their education in addition to the operational project business with the client. In trainee teams, for example, we work on our Connected Pinball worked. For this purpose, each trainee has 10% of his or her working time available each week.

Exchange and joint activities promote team spirit

A special highlight is always the Fireside evening with our founder and CEO Alexander Thamm. In a relaxed atmosphere, he talks about the history of the company and is happy to answer questions.

Not only the continuous exchange with our trainees is important, but also joint activities such as yoga, football or laser tag, in order to quickly integrate into our colourful, international team. We also don't miss the joint celebrations, such as the summer and Christmas parties. Team spirit and Fun have a high priority for us, not only during working hours.



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