The Future Vol. 2: AI in the health industry

from | 30 March 2022 | [at] News

The second edition of The Future presents the Focus on the health sector. Founder & CEO Alexander Thamm and Cordula Bauer give in her keynote address an overview of the potential of data and AI in this area.


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The Future Vol. 2 - AI in healthcare (Source: 48forward / Youtube, LLC., all rights reserved)

AI has the potential to change the health sector as we know it. In many areas, we are still only at the beginning. The still prevalent pandemic situation shows this the hard way.

Of course Data and AI also powerful tools to fight epidemics and pandemics, these include: Early diagnosis of the disease based on symptoms, identification of risk factors for severe disease progression, discovery of new or redesign of existing drugs to alleviate symptoms and, of course, the search for an effective vaccine. In addition, AI can prevent the spread of an infectious disease by predicting infection rates based on location and sounding the alarm accordingly.

In their keynote address at The Future Vol. 2, [at] founder & CEO Alexander Thamm and Cordula Bauer, Group Director Product Development at SERVICEWARE, will give an overview of the potential of data and AI in diagnostics, treatment and prevention methods, robotics in healthcare and drug development.

As early as the end of 2021, Cordula Bauer and Alexander Thamm jointly published the chapter "Six Areas of Healthcare Where AI Is Effectively Saving Lives Today" in the book Digitalization in Healthcare - Implementing Innovation and Artificial Intelligence by Prof. Dr. Patrick Glauner, Prof. Dr. Dr. Philipp Plugmann MBA M.Sc. and Guido Lerzynski.



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