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In 2022, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of [at] – Alexander Thamm. 

10 years ago, we were the first consultancy in the German-speaking area to take up the cause of Data & AI. Today, we can say that artificial intelligence has the potential to make an important contribution to some of the major economic and social challenges of our time: AI plays a role in the energy transition and climate change, autonomous driving, the detection and treatment of diseases and in pandemic control. AI increases the efficiency of production processes and makes companies more adaptable to market changes through delivering real-time information and predictions.  

The economic significance of this technology is growing rapidly: More than two-thirds of German companies now use artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

With #AITOP10, we show you what’s hot right now in the field of Data & AI. Our TOP10 lists present podcast highlights, industry-specific AI trends, AI experts, tool recommendations, and much more. You get a broad cross-section of the Data & AI universe that has been driving us for 10 years now.  

Enjoy the reading – and feel free to expand the list! 

Our [at] Top 10 Movies covering AI 

The [at]musketeers have voted for our TOP 10 Movies about AI: From Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and robots, to predictive analytics and data science, to personal virtual assistants: Artificial Intelligence (AI) can appear in many shapes and forms. However, the fact that AI has been playing a role in people’s minds for decades is impressively shown on the big screen – sometimes rather entertaining and with a fictional approach and sometimes with ideas for the use of AI that seem possible in the future and in some cases already today. Here are our top 10 movies starring AI – 3, 2, 1… Roll the film! 

10th Place: Black Mirror (IMDb Rating: 8,8/10) 

Even though Black Mirror is more of a collection of short films than a movie, it should be included in this Top 10. The series outlines several concepts of how AI can be used, from a social score of citizens based on data science to humanoid robots that imitate deceased people. In the series, for example, a chatbot is created that analyzes a user’s past activities on social networks so that other users can communicate with them – even though he is already dead. The concept of a chatbot, which is based on past users’ activities, is not that far away from reality. As chatbots learn from past communications to help customer services not being asked the same question twice, this concept is relatable inside of some boundaries in the real world. 

9th Place: The Terminator (IMDb Rating: 8,1/10) 

For many people, the Terminator is the ultimate evil AI – and a classic of the science fiction genre. A global AI called Skynet triggers a nuclear holocaust to repress humanity. In addition, it sends a cyborg back in time to kill the mother of a boy who will start a rebel group against Skynet. The Cyberdyne Systems T-800 Model 101, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is chasing Sarah Connror around the world to terminate her. Reese, a soldier who has also travelled into the past, attempts to prevent this in a delicate mission. 

8th Place: Wall-E (IMDb Rating: 8,4) 

Mankind has turned the world into a waste landfill, and climate change has destroyed the Earth. The people left the once blue planet and flew with a spaceship to new worlds. Only the small rusty robot Wall-E still dutifully follows his programmed task and clears the garbage aside. When the humans send a spaceship to investigate their abandoned planet for habitability, one of the exploration robots EVE gets to know the little trash compactor. Eventually, EVE finds a seedling that proves Earth is habitable again. So the two set off on an adventure to bring humanity back to Earth.  

7th Place: Moneyball (IMDb Rating: 7,6/10) 

The film Moneyball is about the manager of a baseball team who takes a very unorthodox approach to putting together a good baseball team. Manager Beane doesn’t have enough money to sign players of distinction and has to come up with something else. Together with Yale business graduate Peter, he begins to put together an unusual baseball team. Peter’s approach is a combination of data mining on baseball players and predictive analytics. Unlike other managers, they look at the players’ hitting probabilities, on-base percentages and other factors to evaluate them. This film shows the importance of data-based and unbiased decision-making and how it can help achieve a better outcome. 

6th Place: I, Robot (IMDb Rating: 7,1/10) 

VIKI, the Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence, is a supercomputer that collects data and uses its powers to control robots around the world. In this futuristic world, robots help people in their everyday lives, but have certain rules embedded in their system to ensure the safety of society. But when a robot is suspected of murdering a scientist, the story takes its course. The robots instigate a riot on the orders of VIKI and it is up to a technophobic policeman and a humanoid robot to save the world. Today, robots are already helping with many things in everyday life and in industry with the help of AI. Hoover robots, voice assistants or self-driving cars make life easier for many people. So far, however, we think a revolt of the vacuum-cleaning robots is unlikely. 

5th Place: Minority Report (IMDb Rating: 7,7/10) 

The film Minority Report illustrates the possibilities of data science and AI relatively precisely: a team of people with psychic abilities called PreCogs can process and analyse huge amounts of data and predict future crimes. A police unit is then sent out to prevent these crimes. This shows how data can be used with the goal of preventing disasters and saving lives, for example. PreCogs are very similar to machine learning here, also processing large amounts of data to make predictions based on the data. IBM’s CRUSH software looks like it was directly inspired by the movie Minority Report: The software uses predictive analytics and datasets of past crime reports to predict criminal hotspots. The Memphis Police Department was able to reduce the rate of serious crimes by almost a third. 

4th Place: Blade Runner (1982) (IMDb Rating: 8,1/10) 

Set In dystopian Los Angeles, the movie explores genetically bioengineered replicants of humans powered by AI living amongst real humans. The only difference between them and real humans is that they only live for 4 years. Rick Deckard is assigned the task of hunting down these replicants and dives deep into AI exploring morals and philosophy through their actions. 

3rd Place: Her (IMDb Rating: 8,0/10) 

The movie “Her” deals with a common use case and area of research in AI. The lonely writer Theodore purchases an operating system including a virtual voice assistant named Samantha. He chats a lot with Samantha and falls in love with her quickly. she is an impressive conversationalist with an amazing command of the language, common sense, and emotion. She can handle complex tasks such as filtering emails and downloading millions of books in split seconds and starts to build an interesting relationship with Theodore during the movie. As of today, voice assistants like Siri and Alexa aren’t that sophisticated. They can only do simple tasks following certain rules and boundaries. Still, virtual assistants and chatbots can be helpful for personal as well as business use cases as of today (read more:   

2nd Place: Ex Machina (IMDb Rating: 7,7/10) 

Ava, an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) that possesses greater skills and knowledge than a human being is created by a genius programmer. The female robot is conscious, can converse as well as humans, and unfortunately also manipulates the emotions of others. Caleb, the programmer starts to feel attracted to Ava which leads to a dark ending of their love story. This film raises ethical concerns about experimenting with self-aware robots such as Ava, which luckily won’t be happening today or in the near future. 

1st Place: The Matrix (IMDb Rating: 8,7/10) 

The famous science-fiction movie The Matrix deals with a dystopia where humanity’s fear of superintelligent AI becomes reality. The story is set in the future, long after humanity lost a war against AI machines. The AI creates a simulation of reality to keep humanity subdued, but a computer hacker named Neo meets Morpheus who sets him free from the simulation and starts a new chapter in Neo’s life. He starts to battle the artificial intelligence which is chasing him in form of secret agents and he discovers his true identity. The Matrix shows the grim future with a dark side of AI. 

These are our Top 10 Movies about AI, voted by our [at]musketeers. What movie about AI inspires, intrigues, and interests you the most? Feel free to comment and let us know!  

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