Central event information with influence on traveller behaviour

With the learning system "Event Radar", we will know in advance what moves mobility customers.

Creation of Event Data Hub

Provision of an Event API


Development of an Event Explorer


  • Events influence traveller behaviour and thus the processes around mobility offers and services
  • Currently, there is no central source for event data. Analyses are very time-consuming or not possible at all.
  • It is largely unknown which events have which effects on mobility.


  • Event data is procured, purchased and processed centrally. This means that data can be obtained in high quality and can be used in a legally sound manner.
  • The data is made available to specific target groups for further analysis, from the data scientist to the programmer to the business user.


  • AWS cloud-based event data hub with source-specific processing of various event data
  • Provision of an event API for the retrieval of various event data
  • Development of an Event Explorer, which takes over the visualisation of the result data for the business users.

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