Creation of a Collibra Data Catalogue

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Consumer & Retail

Area: Finance & Controlling

Success through structure: How the group-wide Collibra Data Catalogue became the driving force behind our optimised data strategy.

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Digital transformation: The call for a central data catalogue

In the era of digitalisation, the Group Board recognised the critical importance of data as the driving force behind business performance. This led to the decision to implement a comprehensive Group-wide data strategy to implement. One of the central concerns of this strategy was the introduction of a central data catalogue. It quickly became clear that the initialisation of such a catalogue, after a thorough piloting phase, would be essential to ensure integration on a group-wide level.

Optimisation through coordination: introduction of the Collibra Data Catalogue

Our company took on the coordinating role in this initiative, acting as the central organisational interface between the Group Data Office, the IT implementation team and the relevant stakeholders in the Group subsidiaries. Our expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence enabled us to support the Collibra Data Catalogue as the ideal tool for this purpose and implement it.

To ensure that the transition was both smooth and effective, we initiated weekly office hours with stakeholders in the group subsidiaries. These consultations served not only as a means of conveying information, but also as a means of Change management measureThe aim is to overcome any resistance to the new technology and to highlight the advantages of the Collibra Data Catalogue.

Another key aspect of our solution was the creation of a User documentation for the data catalogue. Taking into account the different requirements of the relevant data governance roles, we created user-friendly and comprehensive documentation. This was facilitated by our effective communication with all involved responsible persons and stakeholders.

    Successful implementation: A group-wide data standard

    At the end of our engagement was the successful introduction of a productive, Group-wide usable data catalogue in the form of the Collibra Data Catalogue. This innovative catalogue provided users not only with a Seamless access to databut also an improved data management and governance experience. In addition to implementing the Collibra Data Catalogue, we delivered Sharepoint-based user documentation that served as a comprehensive manual for all relevant stakeholders.

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    Michael Scharpf

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