Customer insights dashboard for a direct bank

Expert: Linh Nguyen

Industry: Finance & Insurance

Area: Marketing & Sales

Learn how we helped a direct bank better understand their customers with our Customer Insights Dashboard and thus successfully market their products.



The challenge for a German direct bank was to analyse its customer groups in terms of their product activity and socio-demographic attributes in order to determine cross- and up-selling potentials. For this purpose, dependencies between the different financial products had to be identified.


We brought together various data sources for our client and created a Customer Insights Dashboard using QlikView. The dashboard offers a variety of levels of granularity to provide in-depth analysis for customers. The dashboard includes:

  • An overview of the KPIs for selected products
  • Uncovering the correlations between products
  • Comparison of two customer groups with regard to their socio-demographic data and product behaviour
  • Ability to jump to detailed product dashboards for in-depth analysis

We developed a data integration strategy for our client to integrate all relevant data sources into the dashboard. The dashboard was designed to be easy to use and yet very meaningful. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows the client to easily analyse and understand their data.

The dashboard is able to display the most important KPIs for product usage and customer analysis. This makes it possible to quickly and easily identify valuable customer groups. The dashboard also reveals product dependencies and identifies cross- and upselling potentials. In addition, customers can jump to detailed product dashboards with one click to gain even deeper insights into their data.


Thanks to the Customer Insights Dashboard we created, our direct bank was able to quickly and easily identify valuable customer groups and determine their cross- and upselling potential. The dashboard also uncovered product dependencies that enabled the client to optimise its marketing and sales strategies and thus increase its revenue.

Our client was delighted with the simplicity and effectiveness of the dashboard. He was able to look at his data in a new way and base his decisions on sound insights. With our Customer Insights Dashboard, the client got a powerful solution for data analysis and decision making.

Our Customer Insights Dashboard provides our clients with a powerful analytics and decision-making solution. Our expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence allows us to help our clients run their businesses more effectively and understand their customers better. With our Customer Insights Dashboard, companies can gain valuable insights to optimise and grow their business.

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Linh Nguyen - Key Account Manager

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Linh Nguyen | Principal Key Account Manager | Alexander Thamm GmbH