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Experience the difference in your customer journey. Use our customer journey analysis and visualisation for optimal data evaluation.



Our telecommunications client had difficulties in identifying user journeys and sources of error in the registration process. It was also important for him to calculate and visualise key figures from the registration process. The client needed a comprehensive data analysis tool that could help them optimise the registration process and carry out future projects independently.


We provided the client with a comprehensive solution by developing a data model for extracting the log data from the Hadoop infrastructure. We used Hive to implement the ETL process. We also mapped out the metrics and user journeys, and conducted pair programming as a team with a member of the client's staff. Furthermore, we coached one of the client's employees during the data science project so that he can carry out similar projects independently in the future.


The result was a Tableau dashboard that visualises the key figures and user journeys and is available for detailed analysis. The client was able to optimise their customer journey analysis and better plan future projects. By training the employee, the client was also able to independently carry out similar projects and gain valuable insights from their data. The project was a complete success and helped our client to take their business to the next level.

As data analytics experts, we are proud to have helped our client successfully meet their data analytics requirements. We specialise in the implementation of data analysis projects and rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as Hadoop, Hive and Tableau. If you too would like to implement a successful customer journey analysis, don't hesitate to choose us as a partner for your next project. We are the right partner for you and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your individual requirements. Contact us today to find out more!

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