Data Analytics training concepts for insurance providers

Design of several Data Science training modules for beginners and advanced users, tailored to a specific business area. [at] designs, evaluates and implements a wide variety of use cases, always keeping the customer in focus.

Training courses conducted in 5 separate countries

The four developed training modules can be conducted and reused independently of each other

Employees are given a good understanding of Data Analytics and Data-driven Use Cases


A global reinsurer wants to introduce all employees to the topic of data analytics in the reinsurance sector and thus advance the digital transformation of its own company. The employees’ prior knowledge in the area of data science varies greatly. Company-relevant use cases are to be used as the basis for the practical component of the training.


Customized training courses from basic to advanced level on the topics of data science and data-driven business models are designed and implemented. The trainings are conducted for different business units in Europe, USA and Asia.


15 Data Analytics training courses are held worldwide. The content of the training courses is individually tailored to the needs of the company and can be reused. Participants gain an overview of the methods, technologies and approaches in Data Science that are relevant for concrete, company-related use cases.

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