Evaluation and selection of data catalogue tools for an automotive manufacturer

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Automotive & Engineering

Area: Production

Dive into our success story evaluating and selecting data catalogue tools for a leading German automotive manufacturer - an innovative way to redefine data agility and transparency in the automotive industry.

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Transparency and speed in the data map

A renowned German car manufacturer was faced with an urgent challenge, Transparency over its numerous data objects and their relations to each other to create. The aim was to present these in a so-called data map. The task was not only complex, but also time-critical, as the data had to be mapped in a data catalogue.

The Effective use of data catalogue tools was crucial to make the data available faster and thus significantly increase the utility value of the data. This task required a targeted, business-oriented strategy and highly developed technologies.

Customer-centric analysis and evaluation of data catalogue tools

In order to meet the client's specific requirements, we took a comprehensive approach that started by accurately capturing the needs of potential users of a data catalogue. Through Interviews with about 15 stakeholders requirements were analysed using user stories and personas and then jointly evaluated and prioritised.

We also created a shortlist of potential data catalogue tools and developed a comprehensive list of functional and non-functional evaluation criteria that were specifically tailored to the needs of the car manufacturer. Taking into account the weighting of these criteria, the Data catalogue tools systematically evaluatedThe latest technologies and business strategies in the field of data analysis and artificial intelligence were used.

Successful selection and implementation of data catalogue tools

The coordinated efforts led to convincing results. Stakeholder requirements were successfully analysed in user stories and incorporated into the functional evaluation criteria considered. A total of four potential data catalogue tools were examined and evaluated on the basis of 100 precise criteria.

Finally, a data catalogue was developed for testing in the context of a Proof of concepts with the option of carrying out a PoC of a further tool downstream.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

Michael Scharpf

Key Account Manager | Alexander Thamm GmbH