Evaluation and selection of data catalogue tools for an automotive manufacturer

For the implementation of a data catalogue, requirements were recorded and a tool evaluation was carried out.

Requirements from stakeholder interviews result in 25 prioritised user stories

Approx. 40 developed and weighted tool evaluation criteria

Four potential Data Catalog tools evaluated
Decision for a data catalogue tool for the PoC phase


  • A German car manufacturer wants to create transparency about its data objects and their relationship to each other and display them in a so-called data map.
  • The data is to be mapped in a data catalogue in order to also make it available more quickly and thus increase the usefulness of the data.


  • In order to capture the requirements of potential users of a data catalogue, interviews were conducted with about 15 stakeholders and their requirements were analysed on the basis of user stories and personas.
  • Subsequently, the collected requirements were evaluated and prioritised together with the stakeholders.
  • Furthermore, a shortlist of potential data catalogue tools was drawn up and a list of functional and non-functional evaluation criteria and their weighting was developed.
  • Based on the shortlist and the evaluation criteria, the Data Catalog tools were assessed as follows


  • Stakeholder requirements were analysed in user stories and taken into account in the functional evaluation criteria
  • A total of four potential Data Catalog tools were examined and evaluated on the basis of 100 criteria
  • Selection of a data catalogue for testing within the framework of a proof of concept, possibly downstream PoC of a further tool.

Are you interested in your own use cases?


An automotive company would like to visualise various market-specific data in order to create a Competitive analysis for the US market.


There will be a interactive and Flexible application, including of different maps with two different views implemented.


Relevant markets are identifies, analyses and visualises. The dealer or the respective sales department have the possibility to compare the direct competition with their own product and to visualise the relevant data.