Data Strategy Workshop for an automotive group

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Automotive & Engineering

Area: Marketing & Sales

We accompanied a leading global automotive company on its journey to optimise its data strategy and supported it in effectively setting up its team and successfully mastering the transformation to a data-driven organisation.



Our renowned client, a leading automotive company, faced a remarkable challenge. Their data organisation was set to grow further and they were looking for expert input to better understand the success factors of data-driven businesses. They were striving to optimally set up their team, find the right focus and clarify their data strategy. In addition, it was a key point to present their data portfolio to stakeholders in a clear and tangible way. The need for a data strategy workshop was therefore obvious.


As experts in data science and artificial intelligence, we took on this challenge. In two half-day customised workshops, we intensively trained the automotive group's team and discussed best practices on topics such as "transformation to a data organisation", "core components of a data strategy", "use case prioritisation" and "scaling". In these interactive sessions, we ensured that the principles of data-driven business management were understood in depth.

In addition, we conducted an architecture review and held a working session on "Data Science Toolbox". In this session, we discussed various technologies and tools that can have a decisive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of data analysis and machine learning.


The results of our dedicated work were impressive. We were able to give the automotive group clear impetus for the sustainable integration of data into their organisation and help them define and optimise the roles, tasks and structures of their data organisation. In addition, we answered more than 20 specific questions in detail and provided concrete recommendations for action for their system landscape as well as their "machine learning" workplace.

The result was a comprehensive slidedeck for a "tangible data strategy" that served as an effective tool to make their data strategy transparent and understandable for stakeholders.

Our collaboration has taken the automotive group one step further towards a data-driven organisation and given them a clear direction for their further growth. This has shown once again that a well-run Data Strategy Workshop can bring about sustainable improvements in the strategic direction and organisational structure of a company.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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Michael Scharpf | Sr. Principal Key Account Manager | Alexander Thamm GmbH