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Increase the efficiency of your long-distance transport with our groundbreaking Digital Driving Assistant and significantly reduce your fuel consumption.



In the freight forwarding industry, fuel consumption is one of the biggest levers for profitability. The driving style of the truck driver has a considerable influence on consumption. However, not all general tips for fuel-efficient driving are equally suitable, as they are not adapted to individual driving situations. The challenge is therefore to provide specific instructions for optimised driving based on actual driving situations and the driver's prior knowledge.


To meet this challenge, we rely on an innovative solution based on data analysis and artificial intelligence. By analysing telematics data in real time, important information such as topography, driving profile and load spectrum is collected. With the help of a special algorithm, the optimal driving style is calculated and forwarded directly to the driver via a user-friendly app.

Through the use of advanced technology and intelligent algorithms, we can provide customised driving assistance. The algorithm not only takes into account the specific driving situations, but also the individual driving behaviour of the truck driver. As a result, the driving recommendations are precisely adapted to the driver's level in order to achieve optimal efficiency.


The implementation of our solution has brought significant benefits for the haulage companies. Firstly, it provides a transparent overview of the driving efficiency of the entire fleet as well as of each individual driver. The telematics data provides detailed information on fuel consumption, speed, braking behaviour and other relevant parameters. This enables haulage companies to identify weak points and implement targeted training measures for their drivers.

In addition, the optimised driving style of truck drivers leads to significant savings in fuel consumption. Through the customised recommendations of the "Digital Driving Assistant", drivers can continuously improve their driving behaviour and thus increase efficiency. This has a positive impact on operating costs and contributes to sustainable business development.

Our company is at your side as an experienced partner in the field of data analysis and artificial intelligence. With our innovative solution, we can make your fleet more efficient and profitable. Contact us to find out more about our "Digital Driving Assistant

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