Forecast of the purchasing volume

An automated, data-driven ECV forecast reduces deviations from the actual, creates transparency and increases planning reliability.


  • The aim is to develop a forecasting model that makes the purchasing volume per business area transparent and homogeneous.

  • Previous decentralised forecasts of the FCA by business areas with partly considerable deviations from the actual situation


  • Linking of purchase orders, material master, general ledger accounts, planning data (TM1) and aggregating the data

  • Mapping of the historical ECV at different granularities per month level

  • Exploratory correlation analysis between actual and planned data

  • Creation of a forecast model using ML methods on the basis of historical ECV data


  • Through an automated, data-driven EKV forecast for product groups per business area, deviations from the actual are reduced, transparency is created and planning reliability is increased.

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