Forecasting in supply chain management

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Building a future-proof supply chain with AI-driven forecasting.

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Complex supply chain issues

In the modern business world Out-of-stock situations and excess inventory is a huge problem found at all stages of supply chains. This not only leads to customer dissatisfaction, but also to inefficient use of resources. In addition, historical sales data increasingly showed Whip effects identified. Their existence leads to significant, abrupt fluctuations in demand, which makes forecasting and controlling inventory even more difficult.

Another growing complexity driver is the increasing variety of products. The challenge is to manage this diversity without relying on manual interventions that are often error-prone and resource-intensive.

Integration of data and innovative forecasting models

To counteract these challenges, an innovative solution was developed in the form of the Breaking down the data silos of the various supply chain stages. An overarching data lake was established, which contributes to the centralised control of the entire supply chains. This innovation enables faster and more efficient data access and exchange.

Through the implementation of Automated sales forecastsbased on machine learning algorithms and guided by historical sales data, will also provide a more robust and accurate Forecasting in supply chain management enabled. An additional focus was on the modelling of unknown demand, which further increases the forecasting capability.

    Optimised supply chain through AI-supported forecasts

    Thanks to these introduced solutions, a Universal, automated forecasting environment that can be flexibly deployed at all stages of the supply chain. This environment represents a significant improvement in terms of supply chain management and fits perfectly into the requirements of modern companies.

    With the implementation we were able to achieve a noticeable Reduction of the whip effect achieve. This was achieved through shorter response times and reliable forecasting at all levels, which not only realised business efficiencies but also improved the customer experience.

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    Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

    Michael Scharpf

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