In-house Tableau training for insurance companies

A client is trained in advanced Tableau techniques and visualisation theory.

Training-on-the-job with concrete improvements to existing Tableau Dashboards


Individual intensive training to answer company-specific questions

Imparted knowledge on visualisation psychology & design best practices


An insurance company already has initial experience with the data visualisation tool Tableau. The first reports have already been created within a department, showing the performance of individual insurance agencies, among other things. Some of the employees have already acquired initial Tableau knowledge, but now need intensive training to take their skills around Tableau and visualisation in general to the next level.


In order to prepare an individual training, the existing Tableau reports are analysed in advance and concrete suggestions for improvement are developed. The employees receive targeted, one-day training on advanced Tableau techniques, which also covers general perception and visualisation theory and psychology. Among other things, the focus is on dashboard design best practices, IBCS standards and the optimisation of dashboards.


The employees can directly apply and implement the improvement tips for the existing Tableau reports. Through the knowledge gained on visualisation psychology and best practices, better dashboards can be developed and implemented for management in the future.

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