Development of an IOT device management platform for household appliances

Processing of data from networked household appliances and calculation of important KPIs and visualisation in dashboards.
Build and go live with a robust Big Data pipeline with more than 10 TB of processed data.
Visualisation of usage data in dashboards
Over 50 users use the provided front-ends for analysis purposes


  • A household appliance manufacturer would like to
    analyse the use of its products and identify errors and faults

  • The data from the networked devices is stored in the cloud and is to be made available to all stakeholders through various dashboards


  • Design of a scalable end-to-end data architecture in the Azure Cloud (e.g. use of Azure Data Factory)

  • Setting up a data transformation path with Spark for the daily preparation of machine data into a relational database

  • Development of a CI/CD pipeline to automate the testing and deployment process (Azure DevOps)

  • Calculation of relevant KPIs and visualisation of the data in various dashboards using Power BI

  • Customer segmentation based on device usage data


  • Stakeholders can now derive better recommendations for action, as the use of the device can be closely examined

  • Further data-driven use cases such as development of new features and optimisation of the portfolio were made possible.

Are you interested in your own use cases?


An automotive company would like to visualise various market-specific data in order to create a Competitive analysis for the US market.


There will be a interactive and Flexible application, including of different maps with two different views implemented.


Relevant markets are identifies, analyses and visualises. The dealer or the respective sales department have the possibility to compare the direct competition with their own product and to visualise the relevant data.