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Industry: Automotive & Engineering

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Our customer, a renowned software house, was faced with the challenge of expanding the monitoring software of painting robots of a machine manufacturer in order to introduce an innovative component for the early detection of errors. In order to prove the functionality of this early detection within the framework of a proof of concept, it was crucial for the software manufacturer to develop functioning detection models.


Working closely with our company's data science team, a customised machine learning workshop was conducted to meet the client's specific requirements. In this workshop, meaningful variables for the fault patterns were developed using the existing log data, a process also known as feature engineering. By carefully selecting and preparing these variables, we were able to create a solid foundation for the model development.

In the next step, classification models were developed to effectively identify the error patterns. Different methods were applied and their performance was assessed using evaluative metrics. Our experts were thus able to identify the best models and derive specific recommendations for implementation. We worked closely with the software developers to provide them with clear instructions and guidelines for integrating the error detection component into the existing monitoring software.


Thanks to the successful proof of concept, our customer was able to demonstrate the impressive performance of the developed component to its machine manufacturer. The precise detection models and robust evaluation of the processes delivered convincing results that strengthened confidence in the new early detection solution. Our customers were able to highlight the benefits of the improved defect detection for their painting robots, thus increasing the efficiency and quality of their processes.

In addition, the software developers received concrete instructions on how to implement the error detection component. This included detailed steps required to integrate the models into the existing software. Our comprehensive documentation and clear guidelines facilitated the developers' implementation and ensured a smooth integration of the new functionality.

With our expertise in data science and artificial intelligence, we were able to help the software house overcome their challenges in the area of error detection. Our machine learning workshop and the model developments based on it not only clarified the performance of the component, but also led to concrete recommendations for action for the implementation.

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