Maturity analysis and data strategy consulting for an automotive manufacturer

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Automotive & Engineering

Area: Production

With our expert maturity analysis and data strategy consulting, we successfully led a leading global automotive manufacturer into the fast lane of digital transformation and scaling data science prototypes



An international car manufacturer with high quality standards commissioned us with the challenge of defining the essential framework conditions for a successful scaling of data science prototypes. In doing so, it was important to determine the current location of the company and to create a future-oriented concept for achieving the next maturity levels. This maturity analysis was essential to define the further direction of development in a rapidly changing, data-driven market environment.


As experts in data analytics and artificial intelligence, we developed a customised approach. First, we conducted a series of workshops in which we identified all data science initiatives and created a comprehensive overview. This detailed inventory enabled us to conduct a comprehensive maturity analysis in the areas of "organisational structure", "technical requirements" and "processes".

After analysing the existing structures and processes, we developed a process model for successively achieving higher levels of maturity. Our goal-oriented model took into account not only the current status, but also the individual path of the car manufacturer to transfer several prototypes and pilots into production.


Through the map of data science initiatives, we were able to significantly strengthen the collaboration between the different group-wide stakeholders and departments. This visualised overview has raised awareness of common goals and enabled more effective communication between teams.

With the maturity analysis, the concrete development steps could be derived and implemented. In this way, the company was able to gradually expand its data science capacities and capabilities and achieve its goals.

The roadmap we created was a crucial tool in the implementation of the company's digitalisation and data strategy. It has helped to efficiently manage the scaling of prototypes and pilots across the group globally and to ensure that the company's data strategy is successfully implemented.

Overall, the maturity analysis was an effective tool that helped the car manufacturer strengthen its position in an increasingly data-driven environment. It was a pleasure to lead this project to success and we look forward to more exciting projects in this field.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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