Maturity analysis to determine the location

Measuring the prerequisites and creating a rough concept for successful scaling of Data Science solutions.
Determination of the current maturity level
Creation of a scaling plan for Data Science prototypes and pilots
Roadmap with framework conditions for a data-driven company


  • An international car manufacturer wants to define the essential framework conditions for a successful scaling of data science prototypes, determine its own location and create a concept for reaching the next maturity levels


  • Workshops for the identification and creation of a
    Overview of all data science initiatives
  • Elaboration of the maturity levels of "Organisational Structure", "Technical Requirements" and "Processes
  • Development of a process model for successively achieving higher levels of maturity for the transition
    several prototypes and pilots into production


  • The map of data science initiatives strengthens the collaboration of the various Group-wide
    Actors and departments
  • Based on the maturity analysis, the concrete development steps can be derived and implemented
  • The roadmap created supports the implementation of the digitalisation and data strategy as well as the scaling of the prototypes and pilots in the Group worldwide

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