Monitoring of a productive creditworthiness model

Development of a dashboard for fully comprehensive monitoring of a credit rating service.
The creditworthiness check as an important quality gate for the customer portfolio is analysed automatically and updated daily
Various stakeholders have the possibility to quickly get an overview of the credit assessment
Improving the reliability of the credit rating service


  • The existing credit rating of an energy supplier is to be monitored and regularly adjusted
  • Faulty credit rating decisions are expensive and need to be identified and rectified quickly.
  • The credit assessment must be regularly adapted to the business strategy.


  • Technical monitoring of the solution through integration in Azure Application Insights and email alerting in case of technical errors and failures
  • Methodical monitoring of the model through a Power BI dashboard: anomalies in the model prediction are detected and displayed
  • Economic monitoring through dynamic calculation of revenues and costs and proposal of optimal model parameters to improve economic efficiency incl. effects in a Power BI Dashboard


  • The model is monitored continuously. Necessary model adjustments can be quickly recognised and made.

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