Omnichannel data integration of customer data

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Energy

Area: Marketing & Sales

Turn your customer data into valuable insights and create a seamless customer experience with our innovative omnichannel data integration solution.



As a leading provider of data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions, we were faced with the challenge of helping a renowned energy company that wanted to offer personalised content to its customers. The client's requirement was to effectively use cross-channel information to achieve a complete and comprehensive representation of the customer journey in a data model. The goal was to optimise internal processes on the basis of this representation and the analyses based on it. In this context, there was a special focus on the aspect of omnichannel data integration.


Our solution began with a thorough evaluation of the tool used by the client, particularly in terms of the data collected and the ability to export data. Our expertise in data science and artificial intelligence allowed us to gain a comprehensive overview of the client's data landscape and fully utilise the tool's data collection and export capabilities.

In the next phase of our solution strategy, we developed an optimised data model based on the tool the client was using. This model took into account all aspects of omnichannel data integration, which enabled the client to gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey and deliver tailored content across different channels. In addition, we took on the definition of exporting data to a data warehouse to further increase the efficiency of data management and analysis.


After our optimisation, the tool used was able to collect all relevant data and effectively map it into the data model we developed. This has resulted in the client now having a clear understanding of their customer journeys and being able to deliver personalised content based on cross-channel information.

In addition, the implementation of the data export to the data warehouse was successful. This extension of the existing infrastructure enabled the company to optimise its internal processes and achieve better utilisation of its data resources. This success underlines our expertise in Omnichannel Data Integration and our commitment to providing our clients with customised, effective and efficient solutions.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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