Optimisation of price scales in framework agreements

With the help of a dashboard, call-off quantities on framework agreements can be compared with the agreed scale quantities and prices and optimisation potential can be identified.


  • An internationally active group wants to make better use of its purchasing levers and optimise volume discounts

  • The master contract data recorded in SAP and the associated call-offs are not yet meaningfully merged

  • There is no overview of the level of potentials at framework agreement level


  • Loading the data into a data lake, preparing and providing the data for visualisation

  • Creation of a dashboard with the involvement of relevant stakeholders to present the ACTUAL data in a comprehensible way

  • Development of algorithms to propose optimal scale quantities and prices


  • Purchasing can quickly identify optimisation potential and implement it in contract discussions

  • The users get an overview of how they can improve their call-off behaviour in order to make optimal use of volume discounts.

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