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Discover the future of vehicle maintenance - accurate forecasting and cost-efficient solutions with our Predictive Maintenance for Automobiles.



Our company was recently commissioned by a leading car manufacturer to develop a solution to one of the industry's biggest challenges: the early identification of potential defects in vehicles in order to reduce warranty costs and increase customer satisfaction. The car manufacturer was faced with the task of identifying vehicles with a potential defect in advance, before the actual defect occurs.


Our team of data science experts and technical specialists has taken on this challenge and developed an innovative solution: Predictive Car Maintenance. By combining measured value data, master data of the vehicle and diagnostic data, an advanced prediction model was created. This model made it possible to reliably predict the potential occurrence of faults and thus initiate maintenance measures in good time.

Our approach was based on comprehensive analysis of data from various sources. By using advanced algorithms and machine learning, we were able to identify patterns and correlations in the data that indicated an impending defect. In close cooperation with the technical department and other specialists, the identified causes of the defect were validated and the necessary measures defined.


The implementation of our predictive car maintenance system had a significant impact on the car manufacturer. Thanks to the predictive model, 75 % of the affected vehicles could be identified before the actual fault occurred. This avoided costly inspections and time-consuming recalls, resulting in significant cost savings. Warranty costs were reduced by more than 50 %, while customer satisfaction was significantly increased.

Our team worked intensively on the business aspects of the project and developed customised solutions that met the specific requirements of the car manufacturer. In addition, we used technological advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence to continuously improve the forecasting model and increase the accuracy of the predictions.

Our successful engagement on this project has demonstrated that our expertise in data analytics, artificial intelligence and business optimisation adds measurable value to companies in the automotive industry. We are proud to help our customers reduce their maintenance costs, improve product quality and ultimately increase their bottom increase the quality of life.

As part of the project, we used a variety of data sources to gain a holistic understanding of vehicle maintenance. This included not only measurement data, but also information from vehicle master data, such as age, mileage and vehicle configuration. By integrating this diverse data, we were able to develop a meaningful model that provided accurate predictions of potential defects.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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