Risk Assessment of organizations by means of NLP and Text Mining

An insurance company automatically recognizes organizations and their roles in appraiser reports in order to evaluate them in regards to their risk.


Unstructured Data from experts’ reports are made analyzable

Faster, more efficient risk assessment

The “riskiness” of a company becomes quantitatively measurable


A customer wants to evaluate organizations with regard to their roles for business-relevant events. For this purpose, there is only a large stock of expert reports describing the causes and courses of these events.


Available approaches for automated detection and extraction of organizations and their roles from the available documents using text mining and natural language processing (NLP) are tested and evaluated. A user interface for validating the extracted data and analyzing the organizations is designed.


A sustainable and scalable data model for the structured collection of relevant information is in place. The available methods have been evaluated and a concrete implementation proposal has been drafted.

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