Roadmap Workshop for the insurance industry

With the help of the “Design Thinking” method, data-driven use cases are developed
in the area of customer acquisition, acquisition and retention. [at] designs, evaluates and implements a wide variety of use cases, always keeping the customer in focus.


Generation and prioritization of nearly 90 use case ideas by the 25 workshop participants

In-depth elaboration of the Top-3 Use Cases


Creation of a comprehensive Use Case library Evaluation of each Use Case according to potential benefits and feasibility


An international insurance group wants to increase customer satisfaction and the associated willingness to recommend its products and services through new data-driven products and services. The challenge is to identify the wishes and needs of the end customers faster and more accurately.


In a workshop, problem areas and areas of opportunity are identified using the “Design Thinking” method. Ideas for possible data science projects are generated and evaluated together with the customer. The high-priority ideas are explored in greater depth and an initial project plan is developed.


90 use case ideas are generated. An evaluation matrix based on feasibility and business value is available for each idea. The 3 data science use cases with the greatest potential are defined in detail and can be implemented directly.

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