Strategic roadmap "Smart Factory" for machine builders

In the project, a vision & mission for Industry 4.0 was developed for a medium-sized machine manufacturer, concrete application potentials were identified and a strategic roadmap for the development of a smart factory was created.
Clear understanding of the success factors of a smart factory
Involving and informing all relevant stakeholders (incl. the board of directors) and naming the central responsibilities on the way to the smart factory.
Identification of concrete potentials in the form of Smart Factory Use Cases

Agile project approach in the context of interviews and various workshop formats using design thinking methods


  • Lack of vision for the successful implementation of Industry 4.0 in the production of a medium-sized manufacturer of electric actuators
  • Stakeholder management in medium-sized companies requires strategic intuition
  • On the way to a smart factory, fundamental organisational decisions must be made and the course set


  • Developing a basic understanding of the Smart Factory and its building blocks with key stakeholders / core team
  • Assessment of the entire production process landscape divided into the areas of logistics, machining, assembly and test benches
  • Potential analysis in the dimensions of organisational structure, processes, roles, governance and system landscape
  • Creation of a common goal and definition of the roadmap for the implementation of a Smart Factory


  • Presentation of the strategic vision in a Smart Factory target image
  • Defined roadmap for achieving the target image based on prioritised use cases

Are you interested in your own use cases?