Supply Chain Risk Management

Motivated by the first COVID-19 wave, a customised operational application for managing risks from delivery failures was implemented within four weeks from request to productive use.


  • A group with international supplier relationships and complex supply chains needed transparency on the resulting impacts from the first COVID-19 wave.

  • There was no central instrument for monitoring currently affected open deliveries, risk developments and initiated measures.

  • A solution had to be rolled out to all group units within a short time.


  • Implementation of an operational solution in Java Spring with a Postgres database as backend.

  • Visulisation in the operational application with Apache Superset dashboards embedded in it.

  • Deeper analysis possibilities in connection with other data sources by integrating the data into an existing data lake.


  • Introduction of a custom-fit solution within a short time.

  • Uniform operational control in all Group units.

  • Automated management reporting up to the board of directors.

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