Tableau Representation of possible quantity commitments

Transparency of historical order quantities, purchase order volumes and material call-off behaviour enables efficient preparation of supplier discussions and awards, and purchasing levers can be determined and negotiated more effectively.


  • The buyers of a railway company want to be able to guarantee a quantity to the suppliers by analysing the historical and forecast call-off quantities of a material number in order to obtain a better price and ensure security of supply

  • The aim is to develop a dashboard to reduce the manual and non-standardised effort of data compilation for award preparation


  • Aggregation and analysis of actual material consumption values

  • Linking of the actual values for material consumption with the requirements planning on the basis of the material number in order to calculate the target values.

  • Carrying out data quality checks and creating KPIs


  • Provision of actual data based on material (master data, consumption volume/behaviour, order prices, acceptance locations, allocation, framework agreements (expiry date, supplier, scales, MC)

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