Visualisation of real estate in a GeoMap application

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Experience your real estate in a new dimension: Discover the advantages of visualising real estate in our innovative GeoMap application.



A large real estate company had a challenge in analysing locations and key figures of their properties. The process was manual and time-consuming as the data was only available in reporting and no comparative analysis could be done. In addition, the data was only available on a limited mobile basis, which affected the efficiency of the real estate agents.


Our company provided a solution to this challenge by implementing geodata in SAP BO. All information and key figures relevant for a property were displayed on the map and there was the possibility to filter according to different criteria. The mobile version of the tool included GeoMaps, which enabled an optimal display of the data on mobile devices.

Our team used their expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence to develop a solution tailored to the client's needs. We integrated the data into SAP BO to enable seamless interaction between the various metrics and the map. This allowed the real estate agents to quickly and easily analyse the data and make decisions based on data.


The interactive GeoMap application for iPad that our company developed provided real estate agents with an easy and quick way to access key metrics associated with the real estate properties under management. Our solution significantly increased the efficiency and accuracy of data analysis and helped real estate agents make more informed decisions.

Thanks to the solution we developed, the company was able to carry out comparative analyses, which contributed to improved decision-making. The data was available on mobile, which facilitated the work of the real estate agents and increased the efficiency of the company.

By implementing the interactive GeoMap application, the company was able to achieve higher customer satisfaction and increase its turnover. Our solution helped the company remain competitive and expand its market presence.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, it is important to mention that the visualisation of the data in the interactive GeoMap app is very appealing and easy to understand. The presentation of property locations and key figures on the map provides a quick overview of the most important information, which facilitates decision-making.

As experts in data analytics and artificial intelligence, we always strive to provide our clients with innovative and customised solutions. We believe we can help businesses make the most of their data and make informed decisions. If you are looking for a similar solution, feel free to contact us to find out how we can support you.

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