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Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Automotive & Engineering

Area: Marketing & Sales

Our web-based Digital Sales Assistant revolutionises your sales strategy and increases your turnover through data-driven decisions.



Our client, a commercial vehicle sales company, faced the challenge that salespeople in the sales process had only rudimentary information and had to rely largely on their own experience. In order to make sales more efficient and successful, it was crucial to make the valuable knowledge of the best salespeople accessible to the entire sales team and to provide additional sales-enhancing information.


To address this challenge, we consolidated and processed our client's historical supply and transaction data. In addition, we used advanced analytics techniques of data analysis and artificial intelligence to predict and calculate sales-generating information. The result was a powerful web-based tool that brings together all relevant information for sales in an intuitive user interface.


The web-based tool we developed has revolutionised our client's sales process. It supports the salesperson in many ways and contributes significantly to increasing sales.

The Digital Sales Assistant provides the sales team with extensive information. This includes, for example, the churn probability, i.e. the likelihood that a customer will switch providers, as well as data on the use and reliability of the current fleet. This information enables the sales staff to understand their customers even better and to respond individually to their needs.

In addition, it generates optimisation suggestions for the customer's fleet based on the company's extensive data. For example, the tool recommends the use of new vehicles, retrofit solutions or driver training to increase the efficiency and profitability of the fleet.

Another key advantage of the Digital Sales Assistant is its ability to access the customer's telematics data. This allows the tool to provide the sales team with the right arguments to convince customers to make a purchase. With the help of data on vehicle performance, fuel consumption and maintenance, sales staff can present customers with clear information on the return on investment when buying a vehicle.

In addition to the predicted information, we also conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current fleet. In doing so, we collected and processed data on the use and reliability of the vehicles. This information is extremely valuable for the sales team, as it provides an overview of the current state of the fleet and identifies potential areas for action. By integrating this data into the web-based tool, the sales staff receive a solid basis for conducting customer consultations in an even more targeted and effective manner.


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