Our most experienced Data Scientists share their knowledge with you. We provide solid technical fundamentals, practical application and best practices in data science, statistics and machine learning and help you apply this knowledge to your existing challenges.
In addition to offering standardised training courses, we develop customised training concepts for you so that you and your employees can generate added value from your data.

Our training courses are aimed at


Sie wollen ein datengetriebenes Geschäftsmodell festigen und ganze Teile ihres Unternehmens zur selbständigen Entwicklung von Datenprodukten schulen.


They want to be able to build knowledge, identify use cases and exchange technical information with the appropriate stakeholders.


They want to explore new topics, deepen knowledge, learn common methods and shape innovation.

Your advantages

Continual learning is becoming increasingly important in a changing world of work. Keep yourself and your employees informed on the topics of data and KI fit with the Data Academy. Our training portfolio is geared towards the needs and trends of each industry and is therefore constantly evolving.

Our lecturers

Learn directly from the leading data science and machine learning experts in Germany. You will have the opportunity to ask questions in a personal exchange and gain insights from the practice of many exciting projects.

Our experience

Unsere Dozenten nutzen Beratungserfahrung aus über 1.500 umgesetzten Projekten und setzen diese in der Konzeption ihrer individuellen Schulungsempfehlung um. Wir kennen die Probleme und Hürden, die sich Ihnen stellen und bieten entsprechende Lösungswege.


We address all questions and provide you with the necessary assistance. Our trainings are interactive, which means we also start cross-disciplinary discussions. Every input is important and relevant. We transfer problem solving to all areas of the participants.

We offer training in the following areas

Learn the basics to create added value from data. Educate yourself in the various roles and gain expertise in the use of the necessary methods and programmes.

Let your data tell a story. Learn how to visualise key messages and build dashboards, regardless of the tools you use.

Machine Learning is growing into an elementary value creation and success factor of digitalisation. Learn the basics and expand your skills in the sub-areas.

The mass of available data is constantly increasing. Learn ways to overcome the challenges of data processing and management. Expand your knowledge around databases and pipelines.

Business Intelligence

Many processes and procedures within a company can be analysed. We show core concepts and the essential lines of development to the data warehouse and the business intelligence based on it.

Data Fast Track

This training teaches you the most important basics about data & AI and gives you the necessary tools to navigate safely through the buzz word jungle.

Our individual training offers

Whether you want to get clarity in the buzzword jungle, need an introduction to the topics around Big Data and AI, or want to train your own Data Scientists in new technologies - together we will find the right format for your needs. Be inspired by our successfully implemented formats and contact us for a non-binding discussion with our training experts.

Examples of training packages


The focus is on Decision-makerswho want to use descriptive and user-friendly dashboards for decision-making.

Suggested content:

  • Data Science Kickstart
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Visualization


The focus is on Project managers/ userswho want to digitise processes.

Suggested content:

  • Data Science Kickstart
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Engineering


The focus is on Userswho want to deepen their skills.

Suggested content:

  • Data Science in R / Python
  • Reinforced Learning
  • Data Management / ETL
  • Docker
  • Spark
  • CI /CD
  • Tableau, QlikSense, R.Shiny and D3.js


In your company, data accumulates every day - Now you want to learn all about your possibilities and limits in handling the existing data? Today, it is no longer enough to just be in possession of the data. You need to give the data a use! Through our Data & AI trainings, you will gain the necessary skills in dealing with tools and methods for analysing data and the Development of forecast models - fully adapted to your required expertise.

Our experts and lecturers are practitioners: we accompany the digital transformation in all industries and can thus draw on a wide range of experience. Concrete Data Science Use CasesHands-on exercises and best practices complement the technical basics of the training.

Eine Auswahl Unserer Dozent:innen

Cordula Bauer - Group Director Product Development Serviceware

Alexander Thamm

Founder and CEO

Als CEO von Deutschlands erster Data-Science-Beratung kann Alex­ander Thamm bereits auf eine spannende Karriere zurückschauen, in der er wieder­holt die Fähigkeit unter Beweis gestellt hat, in kurzer Zeit, trag­fähige Daten Lösungen zu entwickeln und diese in den produkt­iven Modus zu überführen.  Als Unternehmer, Experte für Data Science, Autor und gefragter Keynote Redner, hat er außerdem eine persönliche Mission - Ausbildungs­programme für Daten Experten zu entwickeln und gemeinsam die digitale Kluft zu überwinden.

Elena Danchyshyna

Elena Danchyshyna

Expert Data Visualization

Elena ist Expertin für Visualisierung. Sie ist seit 2013 Jahren bei der Alexander Thamm GmbH beschäftigt und entwickelt Applikationen, und Visuali­sierungs­konzepte und unterstützt Team übergreifend bei deren Imple­mentierung und Evaluierung. Neben dem Visu­alisierungs­schwerpunkt verfügt sie auch im Bereich Daten­management und Model­lierung, Server Management sowie Applikations-­Management über viel Erfahrung. Elena hat Betriebs­wirtschaftslehre an der LMU München studiert.

Dr Christina Sievers

Dr Christina Sievers

Tribe Lead

Expertin für Predictive Analytics im Bereich Marketing. Ist seit 2015 bei der Alexander Thamm GmbH beschäftigt und entwickelt als Managing Data Scientist, in Zusammen­arbeit mit ihrem Team von 15 Leuten, innovative Prognose­algorithmen für unterschiedlichste Branchen.

Der Schwerpunkt liegt hierbei auf der Entwicklung von Prototypen und der Optimierung der Prognose­modelle.

Wolfgang Reuter

Wolfgang Reuter

Leading Data Scientist

Experte für Deep Learning, Schwerpunkt Computer Vision. Ist seit 3 Jahren bei der Alexander Thamm GmbH beschäftigt und hat dort vor allem mit innovativen Lösungsansätzen und Modell-Architekturen. Erfahrener Projektleiter und versierter Trainer, der individuell auf die Teilnehmer reagiert.

Nico Becker

Nico Becker

Principal Data Scientist

Nico Becker is a Data Scientist with a software engineering background. He has a Master's degree in Business Informatics and has been with Alexander Thamm GmbH since 2018.
Als vielseitiger Daten­wissenschaftler, mit starken Software-Engineering-Fähigkeiten, ist er spezialisiert in Deep Learning und Natural Language Processing. Er hat mehrere Jahre Erfahrung in der Software­entwicklung auf verschiedenen Platt­formen, einschließlich AWS und Google Cloud.

About the Data Academy 


Continuous Learning is in our DNA. We recognised the need for well-trained employees and designed our own trainee programme at a time when there was no such thing as a "trainee programme" or a degree in the field of Big Data and AI. We have applied this concept throughout the company and continually adapted it - today we have training and special development paths for each department. In addition, professionally focused guilds have been formed to teach each other the latest technology.

Everyone can shape the digital transformation - The Data Academy is our approach to sharing the necessary knowledge and making it accessible.

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Michael Scharpf

Michael Scharpf

Training expert

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